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We brought a blanket to church today. It was very nice. I still wonder why it's February and the air conditioning is on, but I guess that's what we get for living in California.

Anyway, we had a really great lesson on service in Relief Society today. Here's the text, in case anybody's interested in reading it. But we were talking about loving people we've never met before enough to serve them, and the teacher told about the first time she experienced that in a big enough way to really know that's what was going on.

She went on an LDS mission in... El Salvador? Somewhere in Central America I think. But anyway, wherever it was, apparently it's not uncommon for the men to have a bunch of kids, and then just migrate somewhere else, where they'd have a bunch more kids, and then migrate somewhere else... So there was this family where the single mother would have to go out of town for days at a time to earn money to support her six children. So this thirteen-year-old girl had to do all the work to take care of the family while their mother was away (she had two older brothers, but they didn't help for some reason). She had to wash the clothes (and the way they wash clothes there involves individually scrubbing each article), make the food (by taking the corn to the mill to be ground into flour, then making tortillas completely from scratch), and take care of her younger siblings, including a nine-month-old baby.

So the girl who taught our class today said her heart went out to this girl, and she and her companion decided to lighten this girl's load by helping her once or twice a week. Eventually they got the local ward members to all pitch in and help, and hopefully the girl's situation improved, but man. That really puts things in perspective. We have a lot to be grateful for. And the lesson was supposed to be on service, and it mostly was, but that's the part that really stood out to me.

We also talked about how most miracles occur through other people, so the idea is to keep an eye out and listen to the Spirit, so that we can be miracles for people. And I'm typing that here in the hopes that I'll remember it better.

Today I'm thankful for another great day at church, the awesome alto section in our choir (maybe not awesome in the talent sense (though I think we're not bad), but definitely awesome in the it's a lot of fun sense), having donut holes to eat for lunch since we forgot to leave out the butter to thaw, still having chocolate truffle cake to look forward to, and the idea of having time to read today.
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