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Oreo has had enough of us going around doing stuff without him! When I was practicing the piano, he sat on Athena's lap and refused to move! But that was okay, because there's a possibility our schedule will be turned all topsy-turvy as of Monday, and since we're close (we think) to the end of Final Fantasy XIII, we wanted to see if we could beat it today, so we'd only have one game (Birth by Sleep: Final Mix) to worry about in the future. But then the new Dissidia comes out next week... nngh...

Anyway, since kilerkki mentioned Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan the other day, and since we wanted to go to bed too early to play more video games but not early enough to just go to bed last night, we decided to head on over to Viz's website to watch an episode! The pacing for the first episode was kind of slow for us, but the story is interesting and we like a lot of the cast (though when we heard Jun Fukuyama as the main character, we were like, "Boring." not that he's not a great actor, because he is, but somehow he just seems like the cliche choice for a main character. it's a completely arbitrary opinion), so if we find out that we really do have free time in the foreseeable future, we may watch more.

In other completely random news, our nice Sunday coats have been taken to the cleaners. This is a very good thing (it's nice to have clean coats), except that they won't be ready until Monday afternoon, which means we won't have coats for church tomorrow, and it's been cold lately. We've been working on scarves for a while now, and Athena finished hers, and I might be able to finish mine tonight, so that might help, but only for necks. Maybe we'll bring a blanket or something.

Today I'm thankful for Steve being kind enough to drive us to the grocery store, peanut butter filled chocolate bunnies, donut holes, Oreo wanting to spend time with us, and Mom and Steve being kind enough to take our coats to the cleaners.
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