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The Pen Vanquisher

Happy Cafe is a dangerous series to translate. It makes us want to go to the store and buy all their cake. It probably doesn't help that this volume actually talks about cake again. Although I guess that's not as rare as I seem to think it is, what with the school festival cake thing... I don't know.

Anyway. Today we went to the store to get cake.

Actually, we went to the store to get chocolate, because the cake at Fresh & Easy is ridiculously expensive. (We did consider the option of getting ingredients and making our own cake, but we're really not surprised how that ended up.) But we decided to get cake anyway! Because we wanted some! Ha!

And then, when we got to the register, there was a guy there handing out coupons for $5 off if you spend $20 or more. I was sure we were already spending $20, but we were only spending about $17! So Athena went to get more chocolate truffle cake! (It's our favoritest.) And then we only spent $16, so we got extra truffle cake for negative a dollar! Yay!

In other news, Page has been very helpful at work today. She's designated herself pen vanquisher. She was very vigilant. She sat on Athena's lap where she would knock down any pen that found itself on the desk, and when there were no pens left, she would go sit on the monitor. And watch. And as soon as Athena put a pen on the desk, she would race down to her lap so she could knock it down properly.

She did eventually tire of her task, as she always does, but today she kept coming back to it. Maybe she wanted to be productive or something. After lunch, Oreo was sitting on Athena's lap, but Page was ready for her third shift vanquishing pens! She was so determined to accomplish her task that she sat on Athena's lap anyway! With Oreo right there! And he didn't chase her off! Whoa!

And she stayed there long enough for us to take a picture, but I guess she was so nervous sitting next to Oreo that the camera's flash sent her over the edge and she couldn't take anymore. She retreated to the monitor. (Besides, there weren't any pens that needed vanquishing anyway.) And as soon as Oreo left, Page returned to her post.

Oreo has since been dubbed the Guardian of the Pens.

Page also stepped on the keyboard right when we got to the part where the Happy Cafe characters were referencing the CD drama. Whenever the CD dramas show up in the story, we think, "Okay, it's time to buy them." And Page was kind enough to step on the button on the keyboard that pulls up new internet windows! It was like she wants a Happy Cafe CD drama, too! So I thought, "Maybe if we get a check today we'll order some CDs from CD Japan." And then we did get a check! But CD orders are always so expensive, so we're still not sure if it's okay to splurge. Hrrrm. Maybe we'll buy manga instead. But we do want CDs. Hrrrm.

Today I'm thankful for truffle cake for negative a dollar, Cadbury Creme Eggs for sale at the store, getting a check today, pen vanquishers (they may be a nuisance, but they sure are adorable), and pen guardians (also adorable).
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