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I almost completely forgot to post here today! We turned in our translation, and then we got an e-mail from our boss, and we replied to that, and then I closed all the windows and said, "Okay, now what?" And Athena was like, "Live Journal?" And I was like, "Oh yeah."

I think part of the reason is that I don't know what to write about (as if that's news these days). I was thinking that we'd play "guess our next assignment!", which would have been especially challenging because we wouldn't have known it yet, but our boss got back to us with our new assignment really fast. So now we do know what it is, and I can't say, "Your hint is we don't know either!" But we haven't started it, so I can't give any obscure hints yet.

Oh! There was something I wanted to mention that we read about on Twitter and thought was kind of fascinating. Ken Akamatsu was talking about otaku fashion. He said that basically, otaku have no interest in fashion (let alone fashion sense). So when they were growing up, their mothers would buy whatever they (the mothers) liked, and the otaku would wear it because they didn't care. Then when the otaku actually left their parents' house, they would buy the exact same styles their mothers bought them, because they didn't know any better, and that's what they were used to wearing. So basically, otaku style was determined by a bunch of (currently) 50- to 70-year-old ladies.

Oh, also! Our new column is up at Manga Life! We really liked how this one turned out; I think it must have been inspiration.

Today I'm thankful for fascinating discussions of otaku fashion, finishing that volume of Gakuen Alice, having another assignment already, inspiration for a really good column this week, and being safe from computer replacement for a while.
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