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I object to the fact that it's already five-thirty! Not that my objecting can do anything about it. But man, how did it get so late? ...Probably all those Disney videos we ended up watching online. We clicked on a link to a video that looked interesting in a Disney Insider newsletter (it was about a TV show about imagineering), and then since I didn't close the video when it finished, it launched right into another video about the costumes at Disney Parks! Aaaahhh! How can we not watch that? But that was only about seven minutes total. Hm.

Anyway. Today we were editing our Gakuen Alice translation, and since there were some terms and phrases that we couldn't get a good grasp on just from our dictionaries, we had to Google them. But this time, we thought it would be fun to Google Translate them. And oh man, were the results hilarious! For example, one guy used the words chintara and tarui right next to each other. First we tried chintara by itself, which Google translated as "too slow." Okay, that makes some amount of sense. So what does it mean with tarui? "Not too slow digital." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I don't know why it's so hilarious (maybe we're just tired), but man. It's like when Ryoko Fukuyama tweeted something about how the Japanese Twitter was so awesomely ridiculous. She was like, "Oh, Twitter, never change. Always be bad at Japanese." I wish I knew what the specific Japanese she was talking about was. (She said, but we don't remember. I think it was something about the "something is technically wrong" message. Then somebody fixed it to good Japanese and she was sad.)

Incidentally, a Google search led us (once again) to the Japanese version of Yahoo! Answers, which told us that "tarui" also means "too slow." And in case anyone was wondering, unless there's a mystery of Japanese that we haven't yet learned that proves otherwise, there's no way that tarui would negate the slowness of chintara.

So now we're thinking that Google Translate will be our go-to site in case we need a laugh. That and this baby monkey video.

Today I'm thankful for baby monkey videos (incidentally, it is the same one we linked to last November, for anyone thinking, "Isn't this that same baby monkey video?"), the fun of Google Translate, awesome Disney Insider videos, having ink to put in our printer when the current cartridges run out (we had to print something today and our ink levels are dangerously low), and having Chex Mix and other forms of sugar to help us de-stress.
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