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I hate guys with no telepathy.

It was kind of funny today. We had been invited to Mom's house for dinner, and they were planning to have a bunch of people over, including someone who, we're told, is a huge Disney fan. That being the case, we thought it would be good to bring some Disney movies that are less well-known, so we brought Make Mine Music, Melody Time, and the Saludos Amigos/Three Caballeros combo. We got it all ready, along with a change of clothes, so we could go straight to Mom's house after church, and no one would have to go out of their way to pick us up.

So at church, we sat down for Sunday School, and Mom and Steve, who had just finished church at their ward, came to tell us that somebody in their ward had mentioned The Lion King, and now they really wanted to watch it. So all our careful planning went down the drain, and Celeste had to drive us home so we could grab our copy of The Lion King. We were amused.

And then we went to Mom's house for dinner, and the Disney fan ended up not coming after all, but we had a great time playing Mafia, and a lot of funny things were said that I wish I could remember now. And then when the people who for some reason can't handle Disney movies left, we watched the Lion King. Tadah!

And now it's late, and even though it's a holiday tomorrow, we're probably going to work anyway. But we'll give ourselves an extra hour of sleep.

Today I'm thankful for another fun time at Mom's house, Celeste not complaining about having to drive to our house to get The Lion King, getting to watch The Lion King, finding our Making Sense of Japanese book, and getting to visit with Mom and everyone.
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