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A food post!?

Wednesday night we were reminded once again why we can only buy Keebler cookies when they're on sale, and sometimes not even then. Together we ate an entire package of Fudge Shop Grasshoppers in one sitting. Oh, but they were so yummy. Then Athena turned it over to look at the nutrition facts. It wasn't as bad as we thought it might be, actually, but it still wasn't good. We figured it was probably okay, because we'd actually be getting some exercise on Thursday night! Then mostly we were sad that we didn't have any more chocolate.

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately (but mostly fortunately), our exercise (walking) brought us to Family Home Evening, where there tend to be refreshments. Most of the time, the refreshments are pretty average, but last night! there were Muddy Buddies!! Eeeeeeeeee!! Those are like the best snack ever, and they were actually homemade, not the pre-packaged kind, which, we were disappointed to learn, are vastly inferior. Muddy Buddies are dangerous, though, because the balance of chocolate, peanut butter, and Chex is just right to make it possible to eat yourself into a coma before you get sick of them.

And we got to take home some of the leftovers! The girl who brought them told everybody to eat lots because she didn't want to take any home. That wasn't entirely true, because she did want to take some home for her roommates, but she still took us up on our offer to help her lessen the load. And every time we go into the kitchen, there they are on the counter, smelling soooooo good. And even though we've managed not to eat any yet (we have other obligations to take care of, and we don't like to divide our attention with food), we've realized that in some cases, it's a good thing we're too distracted to cook anything, because Muddy Buddies are so easy to make, it would be endless! Aaaaaahhh!

In other food related news, yesterday morning, Steve called and asked for our help with a radio trivia contest thingie that had something to do with Disneyland. The question was about Disneyland, too, and was more specifically something about eating chicken and pot roast, as in where is somebody doing that. And we got it wrong! Granted, that was partly because of a misunderstanding of the question, thinking it was an attraction not a restaurant. But if we had known the question was about a restaurant, we still wouldn't have been able to answer it without a Google search!

Why? Because, despite our love of Disneyland that gives us above-average knowledge of the park, being as picky and as stingy as we are, we tend to stick to the restaurants that serve food we know we'll eat. So any time anyone asks us something like where are the best places to eat at Disneyland, we're helpless to answer!

We've decided that this has got to stop. So we could go to the Disneyland website or Google to find menu type things, but it would be so much more fun to go to all the restaurants in person. There's got to be something on each menu that we can eat at least a few bites of, right? So that's our new Disneyland goal! As soon as we get annual passes again, we're going to put our plan into action!

Only problem is we have no idea when that will be. It's kind of sad having an exciting goal that requires completing other goals before you can even start on it. Especially when you can't pursue those other goals because you're waiting on plans that may or may not come through. Sigh.

But in the meantime, we can dream about it and be excited!

Today I'm thankful for leftover Muddy Buddies (the girl who brought them said she likes to call the snack "puppy food," but chocolate is very very bad for dogs, so we didn't like that idea, and instead we supplied "kibble," to which she replied "Kibble and bits?" and we were like, well yeah, but there's no bits, maybe if you add chocolate chips, but those don't seem chewy enough, and I think you'd have to go with something like marshmallows, but we don't really like marshmallows, so anyway we'll just call them Muddy Buddies), shiny new goals, getting a ride home last night (but we walked there, so we still got exercise), not having to walk in the rain, and it being Friday night.
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