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Something suddenly came up.

Y'know, when I wrote "we'll post pictures tomorrow unless something comes up," I kind of thought, "Maybe that means something will come up," but thoughts like that are usually followed by, "Except that now that I thought that, we'll probably be fine." I also thought, "Besides, we don't have any plans for tomorrow; what could come up that would take long enough to prevent us from posting pictures?"

I think I mentioned that we had a bunch of laundry that got shoved into various out-of-the-way places instead of washed, and that we called Mom and asked if we could wash it at her house so we wouldn't have to worry about quarters. Well, as it turned out, today happened to be a convenient day for that to happen. Mom picked us up at about nine-thirty, and we spent approximately a full work day at her house. We weren't doing laundry the whole time--for part of it we ate, and when the laundry was done, Mom was still working. But since laundry is mostly done by machines, we needed to kill time.

So what did we do? We turned on Mom's Wii and played the original Legend of Zelda from start to finish. Okay, so not technically finish, because they have the "secret" part two after you save Zelda, but we saved Zelda! Yay! So at least we had fun. And then our evening was taken up with our regular Tuesday evening stuff. And now it's way past our bedtime, and I'm updating LJ.

Today I'm thankful for Butterfinger creme pies (we don't much care for the slight cheesy flavor, but we loooooved the crust), getting to play through the Legend of Zelda, Mom being kind enough to let us do our laundry at her house, getting all that laundry done, and finally being home with our kitties.
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