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Disappearing Things

We seem to be suffering from a rash of disappearing things. First there was the mysterious package slip with no package. We even checked at the office again today, and still nothing. Then on Saturday, before we went out running errands, Athena checked the mail to see if there was a check that we'd want to deposit. There wasn't, so she left the mail in the box, because it would be a hassle to carry it around while running errands. Or so she thought, but when she went to get it on Sunday, it was gone! That's kind of a problem, because we're pretty sure there was a bill in that bundle of mail. Hm.

This morning, since we still didn't have any work, and the idea of organizing our apartment is still inexplicably and utterly terrifying, and I was feeling lame after yesterday's post for being all like, "We could post pictures, but I'm too lame," we decided to get to work getting those Anime Expo 2003 pictures ready for posting.

As expected, finding the CDs took almost an entire minute! and then we imported all the pictures onto the laptop. The strange thing was, while I was sure there were five discs when I found the CDs the other day, there were definitely only four now. And there should be five, because I distinctly remember camera ninjery at Disneyland, and there are no Disneyland pictures. Plus, I think there was a CD that was labeled something involving Disneyland. At any rate, there are only four now, and my search uncovered nothing. Hopefully we'll find that last one while we're organizing.

When we had finally resized a decent-sized batch of photos and uploaded them to Photobucket, we checked e-mail and discovered that there had been a disappearing e-mail. One of the companies we work for is organizing all their tax info and they needed us to fill out the form they sent us two weeks ago. Only we never got that e-mail! Fortunately, that one was easily discovered in our spam folder, and we were able to send the form in without delay. Soon afterward, we got an e-mail about work! Woohoo!

Now this post is probably too long to add pictures to, so we will post them tomorrow, unless something comes up.

Today I'm thankful for finding at least one of the disappearing things, getting work, having a bunch of pictures ready to post soon, managing to be productive today despite fear (we also went to Home Depot to get some organization stuff), and Home Depot being in walking distance.
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