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Whew, today has been so productive! I think. Kind of. We did stuff that may or may not be considered productive, but it was definitely stuff (as opposed to nothing).

This morning we slept in again, but this time, we got pulled out of bed by Mom calling and asking if we wanted to join her on some errands, since she wanted to go to Hancock Fabrics. As it turned out, most of the errands ended up being ours.

First, we went to the post office, to pick up the mystery package! ...only the post office didn't have the mystery package, and said it must be in our apartment office, just like the note said it was. But we already went to our apartment office, and they said they didn't have it! Aaaaaahhhh! Guess we'll just have to check again. Someday, when we're done being lazy slackers.

After the post office, we went to the music store to get a book of Disney songs arranged for classical piano! Since I had to practice the piano anyway today (I hadn't practiced the hymns for church all week, eheh), I went through the whole book, and it's soooo much fun! I think my favorite is It's A Small World, because I really like when people take melodies that are generally thought of as repetitive and/or annoying and make big dramatic arrangements of them. Like the Blue Badger March from the first Miles Edgeworth game. The book also has You'll Be In My Heart (Tarzan) arranged like a tango, and Under the Sea in ragtime. I have a hard time with that one, because I'm so used to the more calypso-y version that I'm pretty sure I play it in the wrong style most of the time. I'm going to have to get over that. And Chim Chim Cheree is super fun too. Kya♥

We also went to the bank and the grocery store, and when we got back we were really annoyed that we had to do chores and, like, eat, because! before we left, our Hana to Yume package arrived! Eeeeee! Turns out it has the very last chapter of Hoshi wa Utau. We could seriously spoil ourselves for that series if we wanted to. But we don't, so that part of the magazine will stay firmly shut until such time as we get the last tankoubon.

Anyway! we were really excited about guessing the cast of Ouji to Majo to Himegimi to, so we were extra careful not to let ourselves see the cast list before we listened to the CD drama that came with the magazine. That being the case, we completely missed the part of the envelope with the CD in it that said "open here!" Oops. That won't be a problem if we get the next issue of Hana to Yume (it comes with a CD file).

As for the CD itself, it was about what we expected of a Hana to Yume CD drama. It was cute and had fun moments with the characters, but nothing ground-shaking. We were a little sad that the CD didn't have Sleeping Beauty or the Little Mermaid, but it did have Maki! And he was really fun.

The main thing we wanted to know was whether or not Thumbelina was played by Yuki Kaji, because his voice was the one that automatically popped into both of our heads when reading the series, and this without discussion. Why? Because he's a lot like Shiodome from Miracle Train, and he looks like the character in Final Fantasy XIII who we think is played by Kaji-san. So as soon as Thumbelina started talking, we were like, "I think it's him!" and it was! Yay!

But Cinderella's voice was a lot lower than we imagined. He was played by someone we haven't really heard of... yet. Snow White was funny, as expected. He was played by the guy who played Hameln in Labyrinth of Grimm. But anyway, the main thing was we wanted to know who played everybody, and now we do! Except for Sleeping Beauty, the Little Mermaid, and little Red Riding Hood. Maybe they'll do another CD drama.

Oh, and Subaru was played by Mitsuki Saiga (also Rei in the VBR dramas). We always have mixed feelings when she plays characters, because she's a good actress, but she plays a lot of guys, and we want our guys to be played by guys. Plus she tends to play guys that are annoying, which doesn't help. But sometimes she plays guys just perfectly (like whatsisname in Gurren Lagann and Robert Haydn in Law of Ueki), so... Anyway, this time she's playing a girl, so it's like, cool, whatever. As usual, she does a good job, but I have a hard time matching the voice and the character's face.

And I wanted to say this outside of the cut so baranoneko would see it, but we thought she might like to know that Naozumi Takahashi is still doing voiceover work (in case you weren't already aware). Also, check out this series (Ouji to Majo to Himegimi to), because it's awesome.

Today I'm thankful for shiny Hana to Yumes with CDs, Mom being kind enough to take us all over the place, fun piano arrangements of Disney songs, Thumbelina being played by the guy who was supposed to play him (as if it's our call...), and Keebler's Fudge Shop Grasshoppers being on sale.
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