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Still kind of hiding

We were just finishing up at Twitter, watching a video of some guys at Capcom playing Marvel vs Capcom on Guitar Hero controllers, when the phone rang to let me know that some sheet music I ordered is in! Yay! If I can ever get to the music store, I'll have Disney songs arranged for classical piano!

But while I was on the phone, Oreo stole my seat. Athena assures me that he wants me to sit on him (why else would he sit there?), but I just can't do it, so now I'm updating LJ with one leg on my chair and one leg on the CPU. It's not exactly comfortable, but that's okay, because we weren't planning to spend a long time on this post anyway. I'm still feeling like hiding from the world. We're definitely going to need to get over that soon, but I think we can take the weekend. If we end up being super busy next week because of it, we'll just lose some sleep.

Actually, we might need to stop hiding from the world tomorrow, because we really need to get groceries, and it would be nice if we could get to the post office, because sometimes, the postal workers will just leave our packages there without even trying to deliver them, and just give us a package slip. That seems to have happened again. The strange thing is, we weren't expecting a package, unless Dad's Christmas present finally arrived. My biggest concern is that our failure to pick up this package will make them think we must be out of town or something, so they might as well leave our shiny new Hana to Yume magazine at the post office with it. Sigh. At least we have shiny video games in the meantime.

Today I'm thankful for DiGiorno pizza being on super sale at Fresh & Easy, all the times I'm able to update LJ without a cat stealing my chair, shiny new sheet music to look forward to someday playing with, Supernanny being on tonight (we haven't checked, so hopefully they haven't put something else in the timeslot), and the cute little penguin with a heart on its tummy on our wildlife calendar.
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