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So much water comes out of the faucet now!

This makes me very very happy.

See, our bathroom sink's faucet had been getting clogged with sand for a long time, and for a couple of weeks, we'd been dealing with nothing but a small trickle of water coming out. It was completely our fault, because, though we went to the office several times to mail DVDs back to NetFlix, we never had the nerve to actually ask them to fix our sink. This was especially dumb because when we first moved in, the managers kept telling us over and over, "If you ever need anything fixed, don't deal with it--come tell us!"

Today, as you must have figured out, we finally asked them to fix it, and they sent the new repair guy over, who was very very nice, and now our sink is all fixed and goes "fsssssshhhhhh!!!" It's beautiful. Even when I remember that it's fixed, I'm surprised at how much water comes out.

And now right next to me, Athena has pulled out the Animedia magazine that one of our friend's Brownie's mothers was kind enough to give to us. It has a beautiful pin-up of Kira that we might have to eventually take out and post on our wall, but the Lacus side is also very pretty, so we might just leave it. We probably will anyway, because decorating is a sign of settling in, which we still don't want to do. But I'm happy to have the poster anyway.

I'm also very thankful for chocolate, ice cream, and baked Ruffles... now if only I had some baked Ruffles. Man, I've had a severe case of the munchies today...
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