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Today we were supposed to try to be mildly productive, calling people about stuff (like eye appointments) and e-mailing other people about other stuff. But there's stressful stuff going on, so when I called Mom about the stuff (like eye appointments), and it ended badly (she's not entirely happy about some of the stuff we ought to e-mail people about), we decided we'd rather just hide from the world instead. Escapism is not good in large quantities, but we thought that since we had church Family Home Evening tonight, we might be able to talk to someone in the hopes of calming down and maybe enhancing future productivity.

Unfortunately, for FHE tonight, the activity was watching a movie, which isn't exactly conducive to talking to people or getting advice. (But we did have a couple of people ask us what was wrong, so at least we got a little love, which was very good.) Also, the movie was one we'd seen before and strongly disliked, yet we couldn't bring ourselves to just walk out of it. So by the time we got home, we were rather unhappy.

But we got something to eat and watched some Suite Life, and it was all very good until Oreo seemed so disappointed that it was bedtime. (Normally he knows that when the TV goes off, he has to get off of whoever's lap he's sitting on, but tonight he was reluctant.) So I had a very difficult time hooking up the DVD player to watch some more Disneyland, and by the time it was finally all set up, Oreo decided he was done sitting on laps. But by then I'd already gone to all that trouble, so we decided to stay up way past our bedtime and watch an episode anyway.

All of that helped to cheer us up, along with shipping confirmation! This morning we got an e-mail from Akadot Retail, so we figured they probably got a new shipment, and went to check their website! And! they just got the issue of Hana to Yume that comes with a short Ouji to thing thing thing drama CD! We ordered it as soon as we saw it! And it's already on its way here! Yay! We can't wait to find out who plays everybody!

Today I'm thankful for people talking to us at FHE, Akadot Retail having the issue of Hana to Yume with the CD we want, Akadot Retail shipping our order today, not getting an e-mail that says "We're sorry; the item you ordered is no longer available," and getting to watch another episode of Disneyland.
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