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Disneyland blast from the past

I was so excited about the series with the long title yesterday (Ouji to something something) that I forgot all about the other thing I was excited about! On Monday, Oreo pinned Athena to the sofa, so instead of playing video games, we watched an episode from our shiny Disneyland USA DVD! (I know it's weird that we'd forget something like Disneyland. We'll just say it goes to show how much we love that manga series. Thinking of the two together makes us want to find a guy willing to wear the school uniform and various wigs, and get his picture with all the matching princesses. But there's no Thumbelina at Disneyland... Rapunzel's pretty petite... maybe if we took a picture with her and Thumbelina... But Thumbelina was written by Hans Christian Andersen, so maybe if we just had Thumbelina pose with Ariel... but then if we only had one guy, we couldn't have him be Hayato at the same time... hmm...)

The episode we watched was the live TV coverage of opening day at Disneyland! Oh, it was so exciting! Except there were some parts where it was just, like, watching the carousel go around and around for a while, or just watching people drive on Autopia. So those parts got a little boring, but since it was basically a newscast, that kind of thing is to be expected. The host (Art Linkletter) said that at the rehearsal, it was like trying to cover three volcanoes going off at the same time without any warning.

Oh, but it was so touching! I mean, we've seen the footage of Walt Disney reading the dedicatory speech thingie before, but it gets me almost every time. Oh! and they said the costumes all the Disney characters were wearing came from an Ice Capades show! So Disney On Ice existed before Disneyland was even open! I'm so fascinated by all of this!

They had neat little shows that they put on to demonstrate each of the different lands, so they had Davy Crockett show up in Frontierland, and they had a scientist do a demonstration of a nuclear chain reaction in Tomorrowland. For Fantasyland, they showed all the kids who had been waiting and waiting to go in, and they lowered the drawbridge (the other day on Twitter, they kept repeating, "Did you know the Fantasyland drawbridge was only raised twice?" this was the first time; the second was when they did a big refurbishing of Fantasyland in the 80's), and a bunch of Disney characters ran in with all the kids.

Oh! And to christen the Mark Twain, they had a bottle full of water from all the different rivers in America that they broke on the steamboat. That makes us hope one of the episodes we have shows when they opened It's A Small World, because they did something similar for that (according, once again, to the Disney Parks blog).

What was really interesting to us was to see how some things looked exactly the same back on opening day. And then some things looked really different, so with the way they were moving the cameras around, even when I saw something I recognized, sometimes it was impossible to tell where in the park they were.

Today I'm thankful for historical recordings, being able to get the historical recordings we're interested in on DVD, having time to play video games today (somehow we didn't have any yesterday), a certain friendly e-mail that we got last night, and getting more time to read manga today.
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