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Another lazy day

The weird thing about this long vacation we've been having is that it's not the lack of work that's driving us crazy this time. In fact, the stress of trying to get our apartment organized may be part of what made me sick. We think that maybe the last time we had to make sure all our stuff was organized (because we were moving) was such a traumatic experience all around that it's making it exceedingly difficult to motivate ourselves for another large-scale organization project. That was a pretty terrible time.

Anyway. Since I'm not a hundred percent recovered yet, we figured we should still refrain from kicking up massive dust clouds, so we've been taking it easy yet again. But we still have to write a column. We're thinking maybe we'll just tweak an LJ entry that applies and use that. Apparently the lack of motivation applies to more than just organization. Eheh.

Oh yeah! We watched Melody Time last night! It's another package feature, and this one had Johnny Appleseed and Pecos Bill! Watching the Pecos Bill short, we figured he must be somehow related to Chuck Norris. An ancestor or something.

Today I'm thankful for still having Sky Bars to eat later, having lots of time to play Birth by Sleep today, a new episode of Castle tonight, getting to watch Melody Time last night, and getting to pay our tithing yesterday.
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