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Girls' night

Since today is the Superbowl, and Steve is having a Superbowl party, according to our source (Mom), he didn't want to leave the football-hating women out of the festivities (or something like that), and decided to have a girls' (plus Steve) night. So we went over to Mom's house for pizza, which was followed by a quick trip to Cold Stone's for ice cream. I got to have the oatmeal cookie batter ice cream for the first time and it was sooooo good. I would like to go to Cold Stone's more often. Hmm.

Anyway, after ice cream, it was time for a movie! When Steve called to invite us to the event, he said, "You can bring a movie, but make sure it's not a crappy one." Seriously? I mean, we realize that we have some not-so-great movies in our collection, but we don't usually show them to people unless they ask us to. Mom said he was just teasing, and really it's not a big deal, but we were in a huff about that (plus we don't think it's appropriate to call things crappy, even jokingly, just like we don't like it when people call all their stuff "all my crap"), so we decided to bring Fantasia.

Why? Because Fantasia has been called a masterpiece by many qualified people, but we knew nobody would want to watch it. Classical is not the favorite genre of music in this circle for one thing, and for another thing, while no one has admitted it clearly, we think they share our inability to easily sit through movies with little to no dialogue (as evidenced by their reaction to WALL-E). (Incidentally, we watched Fantasia last week and loved it, but were very glad we paused for an intermission.)

Nobody fell for it, which was fine, because, since we watched Fantasia last week and we weren't exactly keen on watching any movie if it wasn't something everyone would enjoy, what we really wanted to watch was Lilo & Stitch. (This desire was enhanced by Disney on Ice, but it was there before we saw the show. And after watching the movie credits, I realized I misspelled Nani's name in my report yesterday. Oops.) So we watched Lilo & Stitch, and remembered what an amazing movie it is.

After the movie, it was time to break out Mom's cotton candy maker! Woohoo! They had even bought colored, flavored cotton candy sugar to use with it. (The box says the machine takes regular sugar, which I would like to try sometime.) That was a fun thing to watch, because you pour the sugar in, and suddenly there are all these cobweb-like strands! It was fascinating, and Mom seemed to have a really good time pouring the sugar in.

But after the cotton candy, we had to go, because Celeste figured it would be most convenient for everyone if she dropped us off at home while she was on her way to her potential boyfriend's place. It's not uncommon for events to be cut short by Celeste's eagerness to spend time with a boy, but it does make us sad. Still, she almost skipped out on the movie entirely, so we're glad she stayed. And she even enjoyed it, so we didn't get an, "Ugh when is this movie going to be over!?" vibe the whole time.

Today I'm thankful for having a good time with everyone last night, getting to go to Cold Stone's, not being desensitized to Lilo & Stitch's incredible ability to make people cry, getting to help play with Mom's cotton candy maker, and Celeste being a good sport and staying for the movie and cotton candy.
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