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I definitely think we overdid it at Disney on Ice yesterday, because we were both about ready to collapse when we got home, but it was really really fun. We liked it so much that we just had to buy the program to help us remember everything! (Plus it has lots of pretty pictures! And it came with a felt birthday hat with mouse ears! And the lady threw in a free coloring book! It even has a picture of Snow White with her prince! Pictures like that are nigh impossible to find!) That being the case, I'm still sick (boo), and I'd really rather go lie down than sit at the computer for half an hour (or more, eheh) typing up a recap. So the report will have to wait until tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to Disney on Ice, not being too sick to enjoy it, all the pretty ice skating, getting to buy the program with all its pretty pictures, and bonus hats and coloring books.
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