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Today has been a day of dust. Okay, not really, but kind of. We started out by *gasp!* organizing our apartment. Or attempting to, or starting to, or something. Anyway, there's a lot more space in our bedroom right now! But we also kicked up a lot of dust, so there was a lot of sneezing as well. Probably not the best of ideas when you have a slight cold, but hey, maybe I sneezed out all the germs.

We have discovered that most of the space taken up in our apartment is in fact taken up by fabric. That would be pretty cool if we were more creative than we sometimes like to pretend we are. As it is, I think we might have to donate it to our local fabricky type person. Or Goodwill or something. We'll see.

But most importantly, we still have the fabric that was purchased long ago by shadrach_anki under the understanding that I was to make a Water Pretear costume. It's nice fabric, but it's not really ours, so the only thing we could legitimately do with it is actually make the Water Pretear costume and give it to the person in question. That doesn't seem likely to happen in the near future, so if you're reading this, do you want the fabric back? Should we pay you for it? Or do you want to wait and see if maybe someday the mythical time will arrive when we actually make that costume? Let us know!

Oh, and speaking of costumes! We found the CDs rurounigochan sent us that have all the pictures from Anime Expo 2003! That was back when we had the Power Wheels Jeep! I was totally going to share them here except 1)I'm lazy, 2)I realized I probably ought to ask permission from the people in the pictures first (you know who you are), and 3)the CD drive on this computer is kaputski. That's kind of a bummer. We have ways to work around that last part, but in the meantime, at least I have an excuse to continue being lazy about it. (I oughta smack me. *smack!* Done.)

Organization stopped at lunchtime, with the excuse that I have a cold, and we don't want anyone to be sick tomorrow, when we're planning to go to Disney on Ice! Oh man, every time I see the commercial, I get more excited for this thing! But more on that on Friday, most likely.

So instead we've been playing more Kingdom Hearts, and Aqua's voice is continuing to get on our nerves. What is with that attitude? My goodness. It's interesting, because when we played the first Kingdom Hearts, it seemed like the translator was familiar with Disney, but not so familiar with Final Fantasy. When we played Kingdom Hearts II, it seemed like the translator was familiar with Final Fantasy (we found out later that this translator is on a mailing list we read, and she is in fact an FF fan) but not so familiar with Disney.

For Birth by Sleep, there hasn't been much chance to see how familiar the translator is with Final Fantasy, but dang it, they know Disney, and they want to make sure everybody else knows it. For example, when we played the Japanese version, we remember thinking the Duke from Cinderella was a lot more gung-ho about everything than he is in the movie. In the English version, dialogue is changed to point out that he's doing everything under the king's orders. That probably wouldn't be so bad, except that now he has to talk reallyreallyfast to get all his lines said in time.

That being the case, I have no idea why they changed a bunch of Philip's lines to make them cheesier. And they changed a bunch of Maleficent's lines so that Aqua's responses to them don't really make that much sense. It's kind of driving us crazy. I mean, we realize that we're immature enough to constantly say, "That's not how I would have done it!" as kind of a way to tell ourselves, "And ours would have been better, so we're much better than them!" to assuage our jealousy at not being hired to translate Kingdom Hearts, but in this case, I think it may really have been bad. Not necessarily that the translations are inaccurate, but because they seem to have been adapted beyond recognition.

On the other hand, we do have the Japanese to compare it to, so maybe if we played the English version of Birth by Sleep, it would have still made sense and therefore not bothered us as much? I don't know.

Today I'm thankful for finally having time to finish that chapter in Final Fantasy XIII, having so much more space in our bedroom now, having a plan of attack for tomorrow's organization endeavors (even if it does include laundry...), getting to play more Kingdom Hearts, and finding lots of nostalgic paraphernalia.
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