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Trapped by kitties!

We're updating LJ early today because we've both been trapped at the computer by kitties. Oh, but they're so cute.

Anyway. We thought people might be wondering what's going on with our work situation, but the only definite thing we can say right now is that we don't have any. Fortunately, we have enough money from one of our translation sprees to last until we get paid for our last two translation sprees, so we're not too worried about money for now. Except for the fact that they keep releasing things that we really really want. What's the big idea, releasing the new Miles Edgeworth game this week? Even assuming we weren't afraid of the price of import video games and the current exchange rate, we're in the middle of two other super awesome video games! And we stopped playing Tactics Advance 2 a couple months ago and haven't had a chance to get back to it. Hrm.

Anyway. I think it was last night that the CEO of TokyoPop tweeted that Borders going bankrupt is hurting TokyoPop. When someone asked how, he said it means they're not paying their bills. We think that might have something to do with the fact that we haven't heard from our TP boss in a while. We would e-mail her directly and ask, but we've been too worried about other stuff to say, "Hey, would it be possible to add more stuff to our busy schedule?"

Not that our schedule is really very busy right now, but we've been overcome with an urgent desire to organize our apartment. We're so lazy that it's bound to go slow anyway, but if we have real work to do, once we're finished with it, we'll be like, "Well, that's all for being productive! Time to goof off!" and the organization will fail. Unless, y'know, we, like, exercise will power or something.

That being the case, today we started organizing! First up, comp copies! We had a large pile of manga cluttering up the spare bedroom, and today we put it in storage bins! And now we have a large pile of manga inside storage bins cluttering up the spare bedroom! We have a long way to go...

Today I'm thankful for occasionally being trapped by kitties, the smoke detector not beeping at us yesterday (the battery's running low; we went out and got new ones today), getting to watch Fantasia last night (we discovered there are three different audio commentaries! I think we'll have to watch them one sequence at a time), being ever so slightly more organized, and not being out of checkbooks.
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