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After being lazy about pictures for so long, we finally uploaded some! But only five. And we're only going to post four.

First, here's a picture of the cat we call The Wanderer.
(She looks scared in that picture, but that's kind of just how her eyes are all the time.)

She showed up outside our apartment one night and started meowing and meowing like crazy, but we didn't want to cause another incident like when Oreo knocked the Little Black Cat off the balcony, and we're wary of what diseases strange cats might have, so we didn't let her in. Our next-door neighbors, on the other hand, were not so stone-hearted as we were and they let her in and fed her. That's probably why she keeps showing up every so often. They don't know where she came from, and neither do we, but we suspect she has been previously owned. Now she just wanders around, greeting residents of our complex and checking on them when they're doing laundry (we're not sure if she really does that very often, but we were doing laundry yesterday and she just came in and said hi, checked in the dryers to make sure everything was in order, and walked away; it was adorable). That picture was taken when we went up the stairs to our apartment, and I looked down and noticed she was rolling over and over on her back, looking all coquettish. So I took a picture.

Next we have a picture of Oreo!
I was kind of shocked to see him jump up on the couch this particular evening, because...

Surprise! He was right on top of Page!

See, it started when Athena would sit on the floor to play video games. She'd pull this lavender and black and white striped serape over her legs for warmth, and so quick it was like she'd been there the whole time, Page would be on top of her lap. It was like she came with the blanket!

But then, Page figured out that if someone's been sitting somewhere for a while, when they get up, it's warm in that place. So if she was sitting on Athena's lap and I was watching Athena play video games from the couch, and then I got up to get some water or something, Page would steal my spot! Well, that's okay; we can make it work. I would sit with my knees pulled up to form a tunnel over her, and then I'd pull on that afghan. And that is Page's new favorite.

She likes it so much that once she's under the blanket, she refuses to leave (she must really hate the cold), so when I got up to cut the pizza for dinner, I left her there. That's when Oreo showed up and apparently thought the afghan would make a good place to sit. And so he jumped up there and sat down right on top of Page.

I like to think that Oreo wanted to make amends, or prove there were no hard feelings or something, because the next night, Page was sitting next to Athena on the loveseat during dinner, and even though his longtime enemy was right there, Oreo jumped up and sat next to her.
Page seemed a little disconcerted, but she decided to stay put, and they spent the whole evening there together. Awwwwwww♥

Today I'm thankful for the wonderful stake conference we had today, kitties getting along, getting to talk to people last night, the hilarious animal video the bishop showed everybody, and getting to go to choir practice today.
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