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Organization is hard.

Wow, we didn't have any work today, and yet we haven't played any video games! That almost seems silly, but we were doing productive things! See, for a long time we've realized that we need to get our apartment more organized, so we would keep trying this thing where we'd make sure to clean for at least five minutes every day. Five minutes may not be much, but it's better than nothing, and you can actually do a lot in just five minutes.

But we'd always get to this point where we had no idea what to do anymore, because there was no "away" to put any of the things that were left. And so! we needed to go to Target or somewhere to get some storage bins. So we called Leia last night and asked her to help us, and that's exactly what we did! (We also called to see if she wanted to go to Disney On Ice with us. We're very excited about that, too.)

After we got some storage bins and other things that may or may not have really been necessary, we came back to our place and talked and watched Make Mine Music. I don't remember how it got brought up, but Leia said she didn't remember ever seeing any of the cartoons we were talking about (I think it started with Willie the Whale--oh right, we were talking about the saddest Disney movies ever). At first we just showed her the last two cartoons (the hats and the whale), but she wanted to see the rest of them (we should have started from the beginning, but we never can tell how much time people (including ourselves) are willing to devote to things).

And right in the middle of the third-to-last cartoon (which was the last one for us now, because we went out of order), the music store called! They had the Tangled sheet music! Aaaaaahhhhhh!

So Leia was kind enough to take us to the music store, and now we have shiny Tangled sheet music with adorable pictures of the characters. The one with Mother Gothel and Rapunzel is so cute I want to punch things.

And then we went to Pizza Hut Express, because Athena and I ended up skipping lunch in the middle of all this. That's how we discovered that three-thirty is approximately the worst time ever to go to a fast food place. But eventually we got all our food and were satisfied. Then we went to the A&W place next door for ice cream, which also took longer than it might have if we had had better timing.

Now Leia has gone to work on homework and stuff, and I just hope she had fun, because I feel like we were mostly dragging her all over town. At least she got to use her shiny new toy (a map app on her new cell phone) to find the music store.

Before we go off to video games and/or Tangled music on the piano, we're wondering what we should do about all our manga comp copies. What we want to do is keep them. All of them. But it's not very practical to keep three copies of everything when you don't necessarily have room for it. But we want to keep all of them, or maybe give copies to very deserving individuals. Or maybe we should, like, donate them to the library or something. But... but... It's our shiny manga! We may be thinking about this one for a while.

Today I'm thankful for friends who don't mind driving us around, getting shiny new Tangled sheet music (my one complaint (before trying it out) is that it doesn't have the reprise to Mother Knows Best), getting to have a fun day with Leia, having the opportunity to take a heartwarming picture of Oreo and Page sleeping very close to each other (and both of them knew about it!), and yummy ice cream sundaes.
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