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So lately there have been a couple of people asking us when we'd be done playing Final Fantasy XIII. They're interested in doing stuff with us, and our obsession with our shiny new toy is not conducive to said stuff. I realize this makes us sound horribly antisocial, but the truth is, we're willing to do stuff anyway--just more reluctant. And when plans are made we cooperate and stick to them. But that's not the point.

The point is, we have no idea how long this game is going to take! We spent like two hundred hours on FF12 (I wanted to say two hundred million, because I like to hyperbolize, but the exaggeration would probably have been misleading, and we really did spend over a hundred hours on that game), and it's not like every game has a thing on the back saying approximately how many hours it will take to complete it. Besides, where's the fun in counting the hours until it's over?

But today we ran into another problem, and our current answer to, "When are you going to be done playing FF13?" is, "Believe me, nobody wants to know that more than we do." Why? Because Birth by Sleep Final Mix came in the mail yesterday. And lately we've been thinking how nice it would be to go back to Dwarf Woodlands or Enchanted Dominion (ignoring the depressing music). And we're still in the middle of Tactics Advance 2! Aaaaarrrrgh!

Oh well. At least we're having fun either way. Really there's nothing to complain about. We'll probably end up alternating or something. Fortunately, we finished work early today. Not so fortunately, we don't have any other work immediately lined up. But for now, we'll just be happy that we have more time to pursue all our interests. (On top of the video games, we have lots to read, and Kinokuniya should have a certain new volume of manga that we really really want any day now...)

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early today, having so much fun stuff to do, being smart enough not to check the mail yesterday afternoon (if we'd had both FF13 and BbS Final Mix, we would have had a hard time not sighing longingly all through last night's plans), the hope that all the super-depressing back story in FF13 will lead to that much happier an ending (although with a sequel already in the works... maybe the sequel will have a super happy ending), and Birth by Sleep Final Mix coming so quickly.
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