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Good intentions...

I couldn't think of anything to post about today, so I finally remembered the accent meme that coastal_spirit did a while ago and how we said we would do it! So I was going to do it! But it requires a voice post, and when we went to figure out how to do voice posts, it said to set up your voice post preferences, and we clicked the link and it said Frank was eating the wires! Oh no!

Okay, so it's not that big a deal; we'll just try again later. But probably not today. You won't get to hear the dulcet(?) tones of our beautiful(?) voices. It's a fascinating meme, though.

In the meantime, Higurashi is soooooo much easier to translate than Negima!. Boy howdy. (<--thinking about accents. Mom actually says that occasionally.)

For Family Home Evening last night, we frosted cookies to take to some less active members of our ward, as kind of a way to say, "We miss you! Come back to church!" The two people our group delivered cookies to weren't home, so we just left the cookies on their doorsteps. Unfortunately, we did not have the foresight to write notes to go with the cookies, so those people may never know where the cookies came from. And they might throw them out for fear of poison. Aw, man.

On the bright side, we discovered that chocolate frosting tastes really good on peanut butter cookies.

Today I'm thankful for chocolate frosted peanut butter cookies, fascinating accent memes, getting to work on a manga that goes really fast, the term "boy howdy" (it's just fun to say), and having time to play more FF13 today!
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