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Finally Fantasy XIII

It was probably not the best of ideas to start Final Fantasy XIII on a day when we had evening plans, because now we're sad to go. But we should go anyway, so we're going to.

As for the game, obviously we like it enough to not want to stop playing it for too long. That always happens with new video games, though, which is why we usually like to take a Saturday or a day off work whenever we start one. The premise is fascinating. The characters are pretty fascinating, too, in that I never really thought of all RPG characters being the same until playing this one. Like they were all distinct enough in my mind, until this game went and rolled them all together (Serah is like so many RPGs heroines rolled into one, it's kind of hilarious). Only this time the Cloud/Squall character is a girl.

The voices aren't annoying like we thought they might be (I think we've been scarred by certain dubs...), but Vanille took some getting used to. I think the accent helps. I wonder if they explain why she didn't use it at the beginning. Our personal opinions are that the acting could use some work, but it's not terrible.

Also, in light of the announcement of FF13-2, we have a theory as to how all this is going to end, but we're going to keep it to ourselves because we don't want to spoil or be spoiled, and voicing theories tends to lead to one of the two. Besides, we want to get back to the game!

Today I'm thankful for finally getting to play FF13, our DMC package getting here today, the sun coming out today, funny coincidences (yesterday we were talking about that song from Annie, because it had been overcast (but not rainy) for so long, and lo and behold the sun did come out tomorrow), and having pita chips to snack on today.
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