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Ready for a vacation

We finally finished this translation! It took all day again! Aaaahhh! It may have taken slightly less than all day if we hadn't paused for a kitty break. Dropping Oreo off at the vet happened early enough that it didn't disrupt our schedule at all, but we had to take time out to pick him up. We had asked Ponyo to drive us, but she was busy getting ready for a piano lesson when it was time to get him. We were prepared to make him wait, but she apparently didn't want to leave Oreo alone in that cold, cruel veterinarian's office (it's really a pretty nice place, and all the people seem to like him there, but still). So she sent out a text to a bunch of people from church! And we got to pick him up an hour or so sooner than we expected. That was pretty nice and pretty awesome.

Oreo's doing just fine, and we picked up a refill of pred in case he starts vomiting again. But we decided not to spend the $90 on the flea/heartworm prevention medicine they've started promoting, which now has me a little bit worried about him getting heartworms.

And it seems a little heartless in light of the other break we took, which was to order video games. Just one video game, actually. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix. Square-Enix tweeted something about it, and Athena was like, "Let's go buy it right now!" in her, "I know this isn't a good idea but I want to do it anyway!" voice. But I showed her! I was like, "Okay." And off we went to Play-Asia!

And it only cost $20 less than we would have spent on preventing our cat from getting heartworm. Sigh.

Anyway. We are reeeeeeally glad we're taking the day off tomorrow, because we are in desperate need of a vacation.

Today I'm thankful for people coming to the rescue when we needed to save our kitty from the clutches of the not-so-evil veterinarians, getting to buy BbS Final Mix, Wiktionary, finishing that translation and its evil Taiwanese version featurette, and getting the day off tomorrow.
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