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All we wanted to do was finish this Negima! marathon and take a day off! That's all we wanted to do! But this volume has other ideas. We finished our first draft yesterday, and it already took longer than we'd hoped because of the Taiwanese translation featurette. And now we're only a little more than halfway through our edit! Edits usually only take about a day!

And now we're writing notes about artifacts!? Those are supposed to be covered in the lexicon! What happened to the lexicon!? Okay, it's true. The lexicons are really hard to translate, but they're fascinating and I like them. And they make it so we don't have to come up with our own, less in-depth notes for the artifacts! Now we're just a little concerned that there will be a lexicon on all of them later, and our notes will be superfluous. But the American readers (who haven't already found out through other sources) will probably appreciate them to tide them over, since the artifacts mentioned in this chapter are all based on eastern mythology. That's probably why there's not a lexicon entry on them--Japanese readers would already know all the references.

Oh well. We have Stuff to do tomorrow anyway, so we might as well be working, too. Our day off to play Final Fantasy XIII will have to wait a little longer. Too much work is probably better than no work, after all. In the meantime, we have some tidying up to do.

Today I'm thankful for the cats not getting fleas from our neighbor's cat during their brief encounter with him the other day (it wasn't until after we let them outside that we ran into our neighbor, who informed us that the adorable cat next door had been exiled until his fleas were gone), the yummy chocolate chip cookies we baked last night (we meant to pick up peanut butter cookie dough, but the peanut butter section was all empty except for some containers waaaay in the back; we grabbed one and didn't find out until last night that it was actually chocolate chip, but it was still yummy), finally getting to get back to Kieli last night, people being kind enough to help us get Oreo to and from the vet for his comprehensive exam tomorrow, and the heartwarming scene of Oreo and Page sleeping in close proximity to each other on the couch this morning.
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