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Our own brand of spontaneity. I guess.

Lately, there's been this trend of us thinking we have a free day, and then using that free day for approximately none of the things we were hoping to get done on that day. Today, it would have been nice to make a dent in our to-read pile, get a bunch of knitting done, and maybe get some more trophies in Re:coded.

Instead, we went to a Relief Society activity and then called Mom and begged her to take us to the music store.

Don't get me wrong--both of those things were awesome and very important. For Relief Society, we got together and sewed pillows for a local home for abused women. I should have brought my sewing machine, because I ended up being one of the primary seamstresses, but the sewing machine I was using was a little apprehensive about our relationship. The owner of the machine and Sister H, who turns out to be a master seamstress that knows all kinds of things about sewing machines, spent a good deal of time trying to convince it not to gather all my seams. But other than that, we had a great time talking, and in fact we got to talk a lot about Disney, including Tangled, which we got a sudden craving for about two days ago.

Someone said they overhead a couple of people talking about how the witch wasn't evil enough, and that had me sighing through the rest of the activity. Seriously, every time I see "Mother Knows Best," I hate that woman even more, because she's so evil. Sigh.

Anyway. A bunch of people said, "Tangled? I haven't seen that yet!" in the tone of voice that adds silently, "But I want to!" We made an offer that if anyone drove us to the theater, we'd buy their ticket, but nobody took us up on it. One of the bishopric's wives said she'd call us when she goes to see it, though. So by the time we got back, the urge to see Tangled was pretty strong.

So I called Mom! And she didn't want to see a movie, boo. But the dream for the day was to go see Tangled, and then go to the local music store and buy the sheet music for all the songs. So I asked if we could at least do that, and since she was going to be driving around with Sarah anyway, she agreed.

And off we went to the music store! ...But we couldn't find any Tangled sheet music! They had Toy Story 3 (prompting the question: "That movie had songs?" (not that that matters; I'm pretty sure UP had no songs, but we could order the sheet music for that if we wanted (it did have some great music))), but no Tangled! They did have, however, The Emperor's New Groove! And it was in the $4 bin! So we had to get it! Tadah!

And while we were at it, we had them order Tangled for us. I also asked about the sheet music (the other day, I was at the website of the company that does all the Disney sheet music) that has a bunch of Disney songs in classical piano arrangements, and the lady was sure they had it. She said she'd find it, so maybe we can get it when we go back to get the Tangled music.

And now the day is so far gone, and we've hardly done any of the things on our to-do list! Aaahh! But it's been a good day, anyway.

Today I'm thankful for $4 sheet music, having sheet music for The Emperor's New Groove, having a good time at the activity, new Li'l Pri today, and Mom giving us the dresses that she ordered for us (and Mom ordering those dresses for us).
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