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So close!

We're so close! Oh so very close!

...But nowhere near close enough to just say oh the heck with it, finish it up, and take the day off tomorrow. Sometimes half days are better than days off, anyway. Probably something to do with the productivity factor.

Anyway. Not a whole lot else to say. There's some discussion going on about a new zodiac sign, and we're like, "New sign? Oh like the one in GetBackers and Final Fantasy Tactics?" Yup, that's the one. That's not new--it's been in anime and video games for years! It's kind of more fun to have it be like "the forgotten sign" or something, but whatever.

Today I'm thankful for the hope of getting a half day tomorrow, this time-consuming project not also having been soul-crushing, Oreo not getting super sick yesterday (or today, for that matter), Oreo being so cute playing with the laser, and having a bag of Baked! Ruffles to celebrate with when we complete this project.
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