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Still truckin'

Phase four of the time-consuming project is going at the anticipated pace. We should be able to meet our deadline, but we might still have to work overtime tomorrow and Friday. But I think we might be off the hook as far as working on Saturday.

In the meantime, at lunch, Oreo proved that he really does enjoy playing with the cat laser, but only when Page is nowhere in sight. We almost never see him that active! ...which is why we suspect he may have overdone it, the poor kitty. He was running like crazy until suddenly! he stopped. And stood there, breathing heavily for a while. After lunch, he went to the spare bedroom, found a comfy spot, and stayed there until past his dinner time! ...well, almost past his dinner time. At exactly his dinner time, he let us know why exactly he hadn't been begging for an early supper. He was nauseous.

Fortunately, he did eat, and he hasn't vomited since then, so we're hoping it will pass. Or at least not get to be a big deal until we have to take him to the vet anyway a week from today.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play with Oreo, the sun coming out, being approximately on schedule with the time-consuming project, phase four being slightly less intense than the other three phases, and having chocolate.
Tags: kitties, work

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