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Well, it looks like we're going to another fireside today, which will be good, but we keep hoping for more time! If only the days were longer. Then we'd just be sleepier. Alas.

Anyway, this afternoon is especially relaxing, because I'm done teaching! Yay! I never mentioned this before, because I didn't really have time, and it wasn't really important until today, but I got released as Relief Society pianist and called as a Relief Society teacher instead. And let me tell you, I am so bummed out to not be playing the piano anymore. For the first few weeks, they had to call in emergency pianists, and I was like, "I'm right here!"

I was relieved, though, that I was called as a substitute RS teacher, so I only have to teach when one of the regular teachers can't make it. I was hoping that the teachers would always come, at least until we, like, moved away or something. I am a very timid person. But it's my calling, and I'm prepared to do it!

Two weeks ago, they called and asked me to teach today. And here! is the lesson I taught! Tadah! I prepared little by little for the last two weeks, and today was the day. And I got a lot of comments saying I did a good job, so I'm going to take that to mean that it went well, even though after I sat down I was like, "Oh man, that totally could have been better. Maybe I should have done this, or that, or..."

But anyway, before the lesson, Sister H came up to us and gave us a present! Fortunately, she told us she hoped it would make us laugh, because if she hadn't said that, we would have been soooooooo self-conscious! It was a lint roller! Aaaaaahhhh! (<--that would be a scream of insecurity if not for her telling us it was in jest, so now it's a squeal of delight) See, at the fireside last week, we sat next to Sister H, and we noticed that our coats were absolutely covered in cat hair. We had had cats in our laps before setting out for our various "social" events of the day, and the previous event had been in much dimmer lighting. So Sister H suggested a lint roller, and we lamented that we didn't have one. And now we do! Tadah! And I was able to remove... I'd say at least 60% of the cat hair from my coat before I taught the lesson. Yay!

Today I'm thankful for the lesson going pretty well, being done teaching for a while, friendly gifts of lint rollers, lint rollers (those things are pretty ingenious), and having a nice relaxing evening (plus fireside) ahead.
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