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Yay for productivitiy

Today has been a busy day! It started out going to the temple to do baptisms, where we heard the bishop talking with a couple of temple workers and discovered his secret plot. He plans to get himself released as bishop by eliminating the ward! Dun dun DUN!

But since it's a singles' ward, that's not as ominous as it sounds. It just explains why he's the first person in like ever to suggest that we might, y'know, want to think about getting married. (Not that we don't. Just that we don't think about it often, and we're not really interested in the options here.)

After we got back from the temple, we decided we wanted to go online shopping for stuff! First up, yarn! ...and then we realized that, little as we know about yarn, it might not be such a good idea to buy it online, because we wouldn't know what terms to look for to get what we wanted. So we called Mom! And she needed to run errands, but not on the side of town that had Jo-Ann's. Ah well, it's fun to tag along, so what the heck.

So Mom picks us up and says, "Where to first?" And we're like, "I don't know--you're the one who has stuff to do." So we went to Jo-Ann's anyway! I'm really not entirely sure how it worked out like that, but now we have yarn! And we found the yarn that matches our hats, so we can make the scarfs to go with them! Plus we got some pretty colored yarn to make sweaters with, but it was soooo hard choosing colors, because of the one time we went thrift store shopping, and we saw a skirt, and we're like, "Oh, it's so pretty!" and Barbie was like, "No. I forbid you to wear that." And thus we started doubting our taste again, but really it was a problem of the color not looking good on us, and had nothing to do with how pretty the skirt was or not. Unfortunately, that means that apparently we'd look terrible in certain colors, and we have no idea what colors those are. So hopefully the colors we got won't look terrible on us. Sigh.

Then! since Jo-Ann's is so close to Barnes & Noble, we went over there to use the gift cards Mom's mother-in-law gave us for Christmas! They didn't have the next books on our Disney reading list, but! they B&N classics series was on sale, buy two get the third free! So we got seven books! And only two of them (Treasure Island and The Jungle Books) are on our Disney reading list. When will we have time to do all this reading!? Aaaaahhhhhh!!!

But! we got Herodotus's Histories, which we're pretty excited about, because the lexicons in Negima! have quoted from that more than once, and if they're not done, it will come in mighty handy for future lexicons. It really is amazing how much research has gone into that series.

And to top it all off, we did laundry! Yay! And now it's almost time to watch a new episode of Li'l Pri! Yay again!

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the temple, being done waking up early today, getting to go to Jo-Ann's and buy pretty yarn, getting to go to Barnes & Noble and get lots of neat books (we still have $10 left on our gift cards, so hopefully the BN website will have the next item on our Disney reading list), and the yumminess of Fresh & Easy peanut butter cookies.
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