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We're being rebels and quitting work at our normal quitting time today! Ha! Fortunately, phase three of the time-consuming project started out going fairly quickly, so despite a slightly late start on it, we got as far as we wanted to on it. We have to wake up early tomorrow, so we can't stay up late, but we still wanted to have extra free time on Friday night. We'll see if we end up paying for it on Monday.

I fell like maybe I had something else to say... but I can't think what it would have been. Maybe something about online shopping, like, how we want to go buy stuff. But I don't even feel like we have time for that! Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe later today, when we've gotten some more recreation in. Not that it's important or anything.

Maybe it was something about Athena's hand suddenly being covered in blood, but that turned out to be nothing. We think she cut it on a catfood can lid.

Today I'm thankful for the first part of phase three going quickly, gift cards that don't require us to find a way to get to the store in person (even though going to the store is more fun...), remembering that Young Justice starts tonight, having a Freschetta pizza to eat for dinner, and discovering the blood before it got everywhere.
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