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Whew, long day today. We hoped to finish phase two of the time-consuming project, but it's going to have to wait until tomorrow. We think we can still get a significant chunk of phase three finished, too, but only time will tell.

Anyway! Mom called today to let us know that the place she ordered the lost dresses from called, and she was much calmer and so reordered two of the dresses! So soon we'll have pretty new dresses to wear to church. And! we got a reminder about the new Justice League / Teen Titans type thingie we heard about a while ago, and it premieres tomorrow! We're so excited because it has Kid Flash♥! And since it's on during Jeopardy!, we'll have to skip Jeopardy!, but we won't have to take any extra time out of our super busy schedule! Woohoo!

...Now I'm just hoping I have enough brain energy to spare from the time-consuming project that I can remember that it's on.

Today I'm thankful for Mom being kind enough to reorder dresses for us, finding out about the Young Justice premiere before it happened, figuring out what to do in Re:coded, having enough time to spare for an extra forty-five minutes of sleep tomorrow, and text that's not hiding in tone.
Tags: family stuff, kid flash♥, work

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