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No package, package

Whew, another busy day. We didn't get as far as we'd hoped on the Time-Consuming Project, but the paperwork arrived yesterday, and we looked at it this morning and it looks like the deadline has been moved back! Yay! But we're still going to pretend it hasn't been, because... well, because we're masochists, mostly, but also because we understand that sometimes the companies would like to have things sooner than expected.

When we went to put the contracts in the mail, we asked if the office had any packages for us. All our sisters were complaining about the presents Dad sent them, and we were kind of like, "First of all, it may be impersonal, but at least it's cute. And second of all, hey, where's ours?" We thought maybe it had arrived while we were in LA, and so they put it in the office and forgot to tell us, but when we asked about it, there was nothing. *pout* So we'll just assume it got lost in the mail until it arrives or we forget about it. Or maybe we'll call Dad and see. After our dresses got stolen, we're wondering if there's a rash of couriers stealing stuff.

But! soon(ish) after we got back from the office, there was a knock at the door! And we got a package! (But not from Dad.) It was from RightStuf! And we were like, "Bwuh? We didn't order anything from RightStuf..." But we did! order something from one of Crunchyroll's deals of the day that they keep spamming our e-mail with. (It's only once a day, so it's not really spam; we're just being facetious.) They had like 80% off of the entire set of Saiyuki Reload Gunlock DVDs. We never got the Gunlock DVDs because we ran out of money when they started coming out (and because we weren't exactly enamored with it), but at 80% off! we just had to complete our collection. Especially because Gunlock has the prettiest DVD covers. So today we learned that those Deals of the Day apparently come through RightStuf. Tadah...!

I want to see Tangled again.

"Tadah" will always (or at least for a couple of months) remind me of Tangled now, even though Rapunzel only used it once, and I was using it waaaaaay before her movie came out.

Anyway. We were happy to get a package after not getting one, so that was good. And we got our sink unclogged! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for getting a shiny new package, pretty Gunlock DVD covers, having a sink that drains, getting all our bills and contracts taken care of, and getting to watch a new Castle last night.
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