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We kind of got a false start today, but we brought it on ourselves. We were still waiting for the answer to our question about the thing we're supposed to be working on. The super time-consuming thing that's due in two weeks. The answer finally came, and it basically boiled down to, "Seriously, why did you wait for this answer? You should have started last Thursday." We kind of figured as much, but hope springs eternal.

And so we worked an extra hour today. But! the super time-consuming thing that's due in two weeks is proving to be less time-consuming than we had at first predicted. We're really hoping that keeps up, but we're still planning to work an extra hour tomorrow to catch up on the work we missed, and we're also planning to not have much free time for the next two weeks, just in case.

That being the case, today's entry is short.

Today I'm thankful for peppermint brownies, there being spaghetti at the break the fast dinner yesterday, getting to take home a bunch of extra brownies (I'm sitting here wishing we'd taken home more, but we haven't touched them since we got home last night, and we have a bunch of other chocolate and sweets as well, so it's probably for the best; come to think of it, we still need to eat those sugar cookies...), the thing going faster than expected (very, very thankful for that), and the pretty picture of a wolf on our wildlife calendar.
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