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Back to our trip report

I still have to finish typing up our report of our LA vacation, but all we want to do is spend the rest of the day playing Kingdom Hearts. It wouldn't be so bad if we weren't convinced that we're not going to have any free time at all starting Monday and for the next two weeks. We don't think it's completely true, but it's hard to be sure until Monday.

Anyway, I can get started reporting, I guess. On Wednesday morning, we were both feeling much better, and we were very happy to drink our milkshakes, even though by then they were just very thick chocolate milk. But oh so tasty. Still, Mom's mother-in-law had some medicine she needed to take, and for that she needed her own breakfast, so off we went to MacDonald's! And when we were done, we drove through our hometown, and even drove by the place we lived until sixth grade. It's yellower now (as in they painted it yellow, not because of aging), and for some reason there's a fence around the yard, but other than that it was just the same. Oh, the memories.

Then it was off to Universal Studios to meet Aurora and her husband! When we got there, she handed each of us a little packet that contained a plastic bag poncho! They were really kind of fun in their silliness, which is good, because it was raining. Our first stop was the Shrek attraction, for two reasons: it was close to the entrance, and it's an indoor thing.

Because Mom's mother-in-law was in a wheelchair (she can walk, but with difficulty), we went straight to the front of the line! The Shrek thing is a 3D show, and like the Muppet 3D show at Disneyland (actually at California Adventure, and somewhere in Disney World), they have a waiting room with a ton of stuff to look at and a pre-show. In this case, the pre-show consisted of the evil prince from the first Shrek movie torturing all of Shrek's friends in an attempt to find out where Shrek and Fiona were, so all the things to look at were torture devices. Athena pointed out that it looked like the saiguden and/or the Sonozakis' basement from Higurashi, so I decided to take pictures!

...I got three before Aurora sternly told me that there was no photography in that room. I think she was wrong, though, because there weren't any no photography signs, normally displays like that are just asking to be photographed (especially this one display that was totally the typical tourist photo op thingie), and usually when they tell you not to photograph something at a theme park, it's because the flash will ruin the picture anyway. Plus, after the pre-show, then the magic mirror made it a point of saying no photography in the actual theater where they show the main movie.

Anyway. The show was cute. I want to say it was typical Shrek type stuff, but we've only seen the first Shrek movie. It was all about how the evil prince's ghost wanted to kill Shrek, and also kill Fiona so he could marry her in the spirit world or something? and since there was a lot of action, the seats moved to make you feel like you were a part of it. It probably would have been more effective if the floor hadn't remained completely stationary, but it was still entertaining. But it did nothing to improve our overall opinion of the whole "Shrek" franchise.

Next it was time for the Simpsons attraction. The premise is that Krusty the Clown has created this attraction, which they make out to sound as scary as possible while at the same time "promoting" it. In the ride pre-show, they introduce the attraction, and point out that it's nuclear powered, and oh yeah, not to worry you or anything, but the convicted killer Sideshow Bob is on the loose somewhere in Krusty's theme park. So you get on the ride, and the kid who's supposed to be running it is busy studying for his algebra test, so Sideshow Bob comes along and messes everything up. It's really a simulator, but it starts out as a CGI roller coaster, which goes insane, with the track being smashed up, and going backwards and stuff, and the the car flies off into other rides, and it's really very very intense. There's a giant evil panda, and then a giant radioactive baby, and eventually you make it back safely, right by the gift shop. Tadah!

Unfortunately, the ride, spectacular as it was, made us a little nauseous. But fortunately, the nausea wore off quickly.

Our next stop was the studio tour tram station. Aurora is a tour guide, and she had gotten special permission to guide exactly one tour and take the rest of the day off. It was almost time for that one tour, and so we went to the tour guide break room to wait for it to start. And more on that later!

Today I'm thankful for thick chocolate milk, getting to see our old apartment, having plenty of time to play Kingdom Hearts today, getting to go grocery shopping, and having cereal for breakfast this morning.
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