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We got back from our little vacation last night, but we only really had time to check our e-mail and go to bed (and make an order from the Disney Movie Club, because we're more than a little obsessed), because we knew we'd have a full day today. Then today came, and... okay, so we have this really big project that we're supposed to be working on, that's due in two and a half weeks. But we still need some of the paperwork for it, and we had another question about it that we want an answer to before we get to work, because that'll affect the whole process.

So. We e-mailed our boss about it and oh no! he got stranded in vacationland due to a snowstorm and won't be able to answer our question until Monday. Monday!? Aaaahhhhh!! Hopefully this project will go quicker than we think. In the meantime, we decided to work on the project that's due after that, because it will be due soon enough after that that a head start will definitely be a good thing to have. Whew. And all we really want to do is play video games, but tonight we have FHE, and it will probably take longer than usually because we're going ice skating. On the bright side, ice skating! Hopefully it will involve actual skating, as opposed to flailing attempts at maintaining balance.

And on top of all that, I have a vacation to talk about.

I must say, it did not get off to the best of starts. Fortunately, Mom called the night before we left to let us know that the scheduled departure time was an hour later than we thought it was. One more hour of sleep! Excellent! Unfortunately, it was still earlier than the sunrise, which always makes things seem strange. And we still didn't get quite enough sleep. Mom called to let us know they were on their way, so we didn't have time to get breakfast... or so we thought, but it took Mom and her mother-in-law almost an hour to pick us up. If we had but known, we would have fed ourselves!

Instead of eating, we talked about the bad news that Mom gave us the same morning. I mentioned on Christmas that Mom had ordered some nice dresses for us as Christmas presents, but we didn't get them because of shipping failure. Well, the package arrived the day before we left for Los Angeles! Yay! It had been slashed open and resealed, minus three of the four dresses! Boo! Boo, I say, boo! I mean, trying not to be selfish and everything, but getting the presents late is one thing--at least we were pretty sure we'd still get them. Only now we're not going to at all. Mom called to report it, and she was so upset after calling to figure out why the shipping had taken so long and discovering that it wouldn't make it in time for Christmas and how everything went that she was disinclined to reorder the dresses, and asked the store to give her her money back. But now we have no dresses, but yet another IOU.

It was probably a bad idea to dwell on it, but we were too tired to change the subject. It was a long car ride to Los Angeles, and we're none of us very talkative, so it didn't take long before things got quiet. When they did, Mom turned on her music. We had been prepared to listen to country music, but we were more tired and distraught than we expected, and it takes some emotional energy for me to tolerate country music, which I didn't quite have. So I did spend some time crying, which probably didn't help the physical health situation. Fortunately, we stopped for breakfast, and after getting something to eat, we felt better.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of starting and stopping when we got to the parking lot of our first vacation stop, but first! we had a brief detour to look at some houses at Bel-Air, the place where the Fresh Prince is from! Tadah!

Anyway. Our first stop on our vacation was the Getty art museum. It's got a lot of neat art (of course). We're pretty open to anything, actually, but we had a difficult time this time because the starting and stopping in the parking lot, plus the new-car smell of Mom's car (which had been magnified enormously somehow), plus the not having eaten enough at breakfast (purely our own fault) gave us each a bit of a headache and made it difficult to stand up. So even though we were surrounded by beautiful illuminated manuscripts, most of the time we were just hoping to be able to sit down. We really should have said something, but we're so used to... not.

There was talk about how impressive it was that priests spent their whole lives copying and illuminating manuscripts, but I couldn't help but think of animators and manga artists, who do pretty much the same thing, and wonder why manuscript illuminators seemed to get all the credit. They were very nice, though.

We looked at other displays on statues, and a bunch of paintings, and there were a bunch of rooms set up with Rococo French furniture and wall paneling and stuff. It was all very fascinating, and a little easier to look at once the nausea from the car trip had subsided.

Once everyone was satisfied with the art, it was time to go to the temple, where the plan was to have dinner in the cafeteria and then take in a session. But first, since Athena and I didn't want to wear our church clothes all day, we had to go change in the visitor's center. That's when the first tragedy was brought to light--I had forgotten to get the bag with our church shoes, and all we had were sneakers! Ooohhhh nooooo!! Under normal circumstances, we would have dealt with it in a less stressed-out manner, but we didn't get lunch at the Getty, because Mom figured dinner at the temple would be sufficient sustenance, and we didn't realize how badly we needed food.

Mom told us to wear our sneakers until we got inside the temple, then switch to our temple shoes, so that was fine. It was walking from the car to the temple doors that we started to really feel the hunger, but that was okay, because we were almost at dinner! ...That's where the second tragedy struck. It was purely brought on by our picky eating, so we can't blame anyone for it, and of course we wouldn't bother because that doesn't help anything anyway. But cafeterias, as I realized fleetingly at some point earlier on (but so fleetingly that I didn't bother to address the concern), tend to have a limited selection of food. And almost nothing looked appetizing. They say that if you're hungry enough, you'll eat anything. "They" don't realize how stubborn we are.

So there was a minor freak-out, but that was almost enough to do us in, low as we already were on energy. The final straw was when we brought our chocolate pudding, one thing I was really excited about eating, to the table and discovered that it had mold in it. Aaaaaahhhhhh!! We took it back for some non-moldy pudding, but by then we had passed the point of no return. The stress plus the not having eaten anything made it virtually impossible for Athena to eat. She had a few things, but she could barely hold herself up. We actually had a similar episode one time at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney, and another time on the way home from Disneyland. Sheesh, you'd think we'd learn.

Dinner restored just enough energy that we could take in a session, and the LA temple is really very beautiful on the inside as well as the outside! When we finished the session, we ran into one of our former Young Women's presidents--the one who gave us the recipe Athena's been using for peanut butter squares, lo these many years. She and her husband went on a mission to Toronto a few years ago!

When we were done at the temple, there was a quick stop at Jack-in-the-Box to see if we could handle a milkshake and some fries. (Even though I managed to do pretty well at dinner, my stomach started hurting sometime in the middle of the temple session, and it only got worse and worse.) Tragically, we couldn't, but on the bright side, now we could save them for breakfast! We went to our hotel, which was a hotel in Burbank that we used to always pass by on our way to the mall, or to the movies, or to Best Buy, and now we were actually staying there, so that was really cool. It was pretty nice, too.

And now I've been typing enough and we have other things to do, so this report will be finished later.

Today I'm thankful for making it back safely from our trip, the cats both being alive when we got back, getting to meet our old Young Women's president, getting to stay in the hotel that has intrigued me since we were kids, and getting to see the LA temple.
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