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It's like they read my mind!

So you know how we've always been like, "Wow, I like it when Hoshi-san sings, especially as Goku. One of these days, we're going to compile a bunch of Hoshi-san songs onto one or two CDs."

Well we have.

And now, according to Kazuya Minekura, and apparently Zero-Sum magazine and Animate and various other places that we have yet to check (or no ability to check), January is when they will be releasing "SON GOKU'S SONG COLLECTION." (I would change the color of the text like Minekura-sensei did, but I don't know the code and I'm too lazy to find out.) Anyway, EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Actually, this news would normally be very very happy, but right now I'm more nervous than anything else. I think it has something to do with our complete inability to buy new toys for the past several weeks. "decade"'s been out for DAYS now and we don't have it yet. After three whole days! We really need to figure out how to increase our income.

So why do we care anyway? We already have all the Goku songs! Except why would they make a whole CD with just four songs? ("Proud of my loneliness" was released by a different company, remember) They're not! They're adding two whole new ones! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhvvv!!!

Minekura-sensei commented that she got the feeling that if she tells Hoshi-san that Goku is really cool when he's singing (worded in such a way in Japanese as to say that he's not really that cool any other time), he would start sulking again. Kind of wondering about the "again" part, but only kind of, since she's mentioned going drinking with him on more than one occasion. I'm jealous of both of them. But not for being able to drink alcohol, because ew.

In other news, I was kind of planning out a whole entry for yesterday that didn't get posted because we were playing Final Fantasy IX until one-thirty. I think I'll post that later though, because I don't think it really fits here.
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