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The day after Christmas

We had an unusual day at church today. Instead of the regular sacrament meeting --> Sunday school --> Relief Society thing, we had a short sacrament meeting, and then the bishop gave a special presentation. It wasn't really a Christmas presentation, but of course there was strong emphasis on faith in Christ ("of course" because that's kind of what we always talk about). There was also a bit of emphasis on seriously guys, stop being so afraid of marriage. The main point of it, though, was based on the story in the New Testament, where there's the big storm, and they're on the boat, and everybody's like, "Oh no we're gonna die!!!" and Jesus rebuked them for their lack of faith. The bishop pointed out that of course the boat with the creator of the heavens and the earth on it is not going to sink, no matter what the storm is doing. That being the case, we all should get on that boat (metaphorically).

After the presentation, we had a Linger Longer, with food! There was chili that was so hot it burned my tongue. And I don't know if this is really ironic or not, but it wasn't very spicy. And there were some amazing desserts, including peppermint brownies! Yay! And little things that were Reese's miniatures with a cookie cup around them. We should have gone back to see if there were more of those. Ah well. (That's okay; we already have way more than enough sugar around here.)

Church ended early, so we came home, did some stuff on the computer, and then! it was time for our miniature Christmas celebration with the kitties! We tried to get them to open their presents, but Page was too jittery, and Oreo... I guess he just wasn't interested in being playful with Page around. So we'd wave the presents back and forth in an effort to provoke the cats into attacking them, and they'd just kind of watch. Page came close once! But we lost patience with it (and I almost scared Page away entirely), so we opened the presents for them.

We got Page a little stocking with eleven little things that she can bat around. Page loves batting things around, and indeed, I took out one of the toys and she entertained herself with it for a little while.

We got Oreo a laser! It was in the category of toys that are good for helping cats exercise, and we thought that would be good for Oreo. But he's old and tired, and Page was around, so even though he showed interested in it, he didn't chase it very much. I'm hoping he'll show more interest in it later, when he's not more interested in begging for an early dinner (one of the biggest problems with the switch from Daylight Savings to Standard Time).

And we got ourselves a bunch of Disney movies! Woohoo! We watched the little video that Disney Animation posted on YouTube that goes through each of their fifty animated features in order, and we counted all the ones that we have. Now that we've opened our package, we're only missing three! Whoa! And one of those three is Tangled, which we can't get yet! The other two are Dinosaur (which we ordered once, but I guess something went wrong, because we never got it, and the order never made it to our order history) and Dumbo, which we can't get now, boo.

There are a few movies that we only have on VHS, though, and we have to decide if we want to order the DVD versions. It will be a while before The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Black Cauldron come out on Blu-ray, after all. But we'd kind of feel bad replacing our video tapes (even though we had no qualms getting Hercules on DVD...), especially because we're some of the few people we know who can still watch VHS, and we hate to throw things away, but because of the first part, we can't just give the VHS tapes to somebody else. A friend suggested we donate the tapes to the library. Maybe we'll do that. But we'll have to wait a while before we can get Cinderella again, so we'll probably keep them for a little while yet.

Today I'm thankful for peppermint brownies, another good day at church, the cats not being completely apathetic toward their gifts, thoughtful gifts from friends (a friend from church gave us another small gift that we also opened today; it was a Japanese-style wind chime shaped like a maneki-neko (not sure the official English name of those)), and having lots of time to relax today before going out of town tomorrow.
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