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Merry Christmas!

Today was good! To be honest, we were a little bummed out yesterday, because before we went to the movies, Celeste was going through all the presents under the tree and saying who they were for (and who they were from, because Kimee was in charge of wrapping them and she always wrote someone unusual in the "from" line; there were gifts from Uncle Jesse and Michelle Tanner, two from Storm (either Celeste's cat or the X-Woman), etc.), and there was exactly one present for me, and zero presents for Athena. Plus, Mom had already told us that the gifts she ordered for us got caught up in a crazy shipping failure and wouldn't arrive until the 28th. Like I said yesterday, we know it's not supposed to be about the presents, but the contrast was a little disheartening.

But! not unsurprisingly, there were more presents this morning, and we got some neat gifts. Celeste gave me a bunch of Disney pins to trade, and there are some really really cute ones. We need to get a pin trading book or something, because our pin collection is growing and we need to stop shoving them in envelopes for storage. There was a really cute wintery sparkly Pluto that I pinned to my hat!

Back at Thanksgiving, Sarah and her husband were talking about going out shopping on Black Friday and looking through all the various newspaper sales listings. We spotted the one that said Final Fantasy XIII would be on sale, and, since Sarah had Athena as a giftee, we told her she should get it. She wasn't there to present it, but she dropped a package off at Mom's house this morning that was much too large to be a PS3 game. But! it was mostly full of newspaper. Oh, that sneaky Sarah. And now, after, what? three years? of having a PS3, we finally have a PS3 game. (Athena says it's been almost four years.) And maybe someday we'll have time to play it.

We also each got two wrapped Reese's peanut butter trees! Those things are pretty amazing. And! they came with printed pictures of the dresses that JC Penny failed to ship to Mom on time. They're pretty nice. It's just a shame we can't wear them to church tomorrow. Maybe there's some reason we need to wear our regular ones.

But enough about us! We thought we had gotten Mom the funnest present that anyone would get anyone this year--a cotton candy maker! But we were outmatched. Steve went and got her a Wii. I gotta admit, we're a little jealous. But we don't have time to play Wii anyway, so there's no point in coveting one. So there was plenty of time playing with the Wii, but there was also plenty of time playing other games, because there were even more guests over for dinner. We played Psychiatrist. And we played Buzzword, because Celeste got bored watching other people play Wii.

So overall today was pretty awesome. We're more than a little impatient to get back to a normal schedule that would allow us to play with our new toys (most of which we bought for ourselves when we went on a spending spree after getting our check...) and get some work done (we have three books due by mid-January, and one due at the end, sooner if possible). But! we are going out of town on Monday afternoon. Hopefully we'll have time to do laundry before then... But we're going down to LA, where we'll get to see the LA temple! And we'll finally get to see Aurora at her workplace, which is Universal Studios. So that's pretty exciting when we forget about Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy.

We are sad to leave the kitties again. We feel like we've been neglecting them for three days. So hopefully we'll be able to spend lots of time together tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for having another fun Christmas, everybody liking their presents, already having a Mii made (because making them is a little bit of a pain), getting very nice presents ourselves, and having pretty dresses to look forward to wearing.
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