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Whisked away

We did not expect to be out and about today as long as we were, as evidenced by the fact that we still had almost all our translation files still open when we finally got back to the computer at 11pm. I did have the foresight to make sure to close the one file we were working on (as opposed to the ones we had open for reference) as we dashed out the door. Page had already accidentally deleted some e-mails from our inbox with her keyboard exploits, and we didn't want to risk anything. Sure we'd saved it, but what if she deleted everything and somehow managed to step on Ctrl + S?

Anyway, we went with Mom to run some errands, then we went out to dinner with her and Steve and his kids, and then we went back to their house, where we saw It's A Wonderful Life for the first time ever. It was good.

Tomorrow promises to be busy as well, since Steve wants to make sure there aren't too many people underfoot, so we're going to a matinee of Tangled! Yay! And of course, it being Christmas Eve, we'll probably be hanging out with people the whole day. And I would maybe type up more, but it's late, and we need to get to bed.

Today I'm thankful for getting important books in the mail, having a good time talking with Celeste (she's spending the night here tonight), getting to see It's A Wonderful Life, getting to see Tangled tomorrow, and coming home again to our kitties.
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