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We got to go Christmas shopping last night! Wheeeee!! It really was fun, too. But it might have been a little more fun if we hadn't been in such a rush. I had vague plans to go visiting teaching, but I couldn't call my companion to let her know we'd be out shopping because she would be at work and not answering her phone (such good manners!), so we had to make sure to get home before she came to get me, waited at the door forever, decided we were gone and left.

I think one of the most exciting things about it is that we proved to ourselves that we really do still have good crowd navigation skills. I guess the reason we weren't sure was that, of all the Disneyland trips we made during the time we still had annual passes, we only went by ourselves about twice. Every other time, there was someone else we had to stick with. And we love going to Disneyland with friends, but it does make the crowds a little more difficult. It's all about the opportunity cost. For now, we're just happy to know we can still deal with them. And we were in and out of the mall in less than twenty minutes. I assume. I really should have checked a clock.

The other most exciting thing about our shopping trip is the great gifts we got for people! But I can't talk about that because there's no telling who will read this.

So let's change the subject! Last night we also had Family Home Evening, and we decided to break away from our schedule(?) and have a Christmas-themed FHE! So we pulled out the December issue of the Ensign magazine and chose one of the Christmas stories to read together. We chose this one about a memorable Christmas for a member of three generations of one family, and oh the tears that flowed! All the best Christmas stories seem to involve soldiers in Germany, but the one about the kid in Ecuador was really good, too.

Today I'm thankful for getting more Christmas shopping done, being able to find gifts we're pretty sure people will like a lot, getting to read more amazing Christmas stories, having a Wonka bar to eat at some time in the unspecified future (we still haven't eaten those Crispy Crunchy Bars, either), and adorable Fantasia plushies at the Disney store.
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