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No reason. Just felt like saying it.

Anyway, I'm happy that there's someone in our ward who's willing to come over and watch our anime with us. It's been so long since we've gotten to watch Saiyuki with anyone other than ourselves and our plushies. It's really a question of why we didn't get together with Yvonne sooner. Ah well.

Today we also got to watch a SailorMoon musical, which is also very happy. We decided to watch the first one, since it's the first one, which is the one with Mizuki Sano as Tuxedo Mask. That boy is adorable. There were a couple of times we had to stop ourselves from making obscure Kero Kero Chime references, though, mostly because Yvonne was relying on us for translation, so saying something that random when we're supposed to be translating dialogue could have made things very confusing. Our running commentary was making things bad enough already, I'm sure.

Today kind of ended up being an indirect Kero Kero Chime day, since we also watched a few bits from Robot Carnival. This was really weird, because we were wondering about when it came out because there was a theme in it that sounded almost exactly like the main theme from Final Fantasy, so we made sure to check when Robot Carnival was made, and it was 1987. So when watching for the cast, we thought we might be lucky to find some of the voice actors that were doing more stuff back in the early nineties. We were really surprised, then, as we scrutinized the cast list, to find that Daisuke Namikawa (Aoi in Kero Kero Chime) played Child B in one of the segments (Presence, for anyone who's interested).

This immediately made us start wondering how old he is, since as far as we can tell, he's only just now started to be in much. (By "just now" we mean "within the past couple of years.") So we looked for a fan site, and found out he was born in '76, which means he was eleven when Robot Carnival came out. We think he's the kid that sounded like Pinocchio's Lampwick. At any rate, I'm happy to learn new things, and I'm happy to see new old anime. And Athena's happy that Namikawa-san is within a decent marriageable age range, but she's happy to hear that about any male voice actor, including some American ones.

And then we watched One Piece, in which Luffy is played by Captain Hikaru from Kero Kero Chime. Only we watched the dub version. Sad.

On a completely different note, I'm very grateful that I haven't been through anything as bad as Hurricane Katrina. We're going to donate some money to help, I think. I'm not sure what else we can do... especially remembering that we didn't go help pick grapes last week.
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