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I need to stop asking the cats for help with things to write about. And I especially need to stop asking the cats for help with translation. Our cats are super awesome, but they're just not helpful in those areas. (In fact, Oreo has been quite indecisive since lunch, hopping back and forth from one lap to another.)

Anyway. After noting how many Christmas movies we own and have not watched this Christmas season, we decided to go ahead and watch the little "making of" documentary thingie on the Little Mermaid DVD. Tadah! We learned a lot of really neat stuff, so if you have The Little Mermaid on DVD, I suggest watching that bonus feature!

Speaking of DVD bonus features, the other day, a friend mentioned to us that he was watching Disney bonus features on YouTube. In this case, it turned out to be from the official Disney YouTube... whatever they call YouTube things. Feeds? Channels? I think they're channels. (You can see how little time we spend on YouTube.) But it was a little startling to hear (before he cleared it up), because just a little while before that I had to explain to him why downloading a copy of Sleeping Beauty off the internet to keep on your computer is, in fact, a form of theft (unless you got the Blu-ray with Disney Digital Copy, which was not the case here).

It's really frustrating to us to constantly hear examples of people pirating stuff. At Thanksgiving dinner, a friend of the family we were eating with told us that his friend is so into Naruto that he even gets the latest chapters of the manga right when they come out in Japan! We had to sigh heavily and explain that that's wrong, and that we ourselves personally have lost money because this is happening, and tell your friend thanks for taking food out of our mouths.

Maybe we should have been so hard on this guy; he wasn't the one doing it, after all. We were probably hoping that if we got the point across to him, he would maybe relay the message to his friend, and that would be one less person doing it. The problem is there are so many people we know personally that we want to say this stuff to, but we feel like we can't for some reason. We don't want to hurt their feelings, or accuse them of pirating manga when they're actually not and we just had the wrong idea. Or maybe I feel like it would somehow hurt our position at some companies if I give the exact percentage of the paycut we had to take.

So really what we want to say is this: People. Please. Stop pirating. Stop pirating manga, stop pirating anime, stop pirating books, stop pirating movies. Sure, you personally stopping isn't going to stop the whole thing, but that doesn't make it okay to do it anyway. We're not going to get on your case (much...) if you don't stop, but we just want you to know that something in the manga industry is making companies lose money, and the higher-ups are going to do everything in their power to make sure that they personally keep what they have. And that means the first people to get hurt are going to be the little guys. If a title gets cut, the company keeps money; the people who were working on that title--editors, letterers, adapters, translators--lose money.

And now I'm losing track of where I'm going. But we hope the important point has already been made. And as for "I'll buy it when I can afford it," wouldn't it be better not to put yourself in debt like that?

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early, getting to see the Making of The Little Mermaid, still having some Reese's Crispy Crunchy Bars to enjoy at some point in the future, having tentative plans to finish up our Christmas shopping, and the cute desktop Advent Calendar we've been using.
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