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Getting into the Christmas mood

Kya, thank you for the Christmas card, lyschan! It's lovely! Man, I keep thinking, "Maybe we ought to send out Christmas cards or something..." and then being to lazy or something. Bad form.

Speaking of Christmas, every year, the First Presidency of our church has a Christmas devotional. And every year, we miss it, because we're having a special family dinner for Sarah's birthday. But! that's not a problem at all because we can just watch it on the internet! Yay! ...Only we almost always forget.

But not this year! Bam! This year, we watched it today! And it was just as nice as we always imagined it would be. Each member of the First Presidency gave a talk about Christmas. Here's a link to President Monson's talk (text version), where he tells a story about an American soldier occupying Germany the Christmas after World War II. It made me cry a lot. I think I'm more susceptible to crying when Christmas is involved, because yesterday's episode of Li'l Pri made me cry a lot, too.

Also! Here's a link to a video of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing O Come All Ye Faithful, with orchestral accompaniment. I think maybe it was my favorite of all the performances because I could actually hear the brass section. I like brass instruments. Anyway, it's a pretty powerful arrangement.

Oh, and last night we realized that we have so many Christmas movies! Okay, so actually only seven, but for us that's a lot, because we only watch movies once a week at best. And Christmas is less than a week away! Oh no! That's okay; it's not like we're required to watch all of them. Except for Muppet Christmas Carol. That one is a must-watch. One day, we'll get the Dickens novel. One day...

Today I'm thankful for wonderful Christmas devotionals, getting refreshments at church today, good talks in church too, getting to sing lots of Christmas carols, and kitties using my arm as a pillow.
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