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Rough day

We just got an extra twenty minutes or so to our day because Square-Enix Members is doing maintenance until midnight tonight. That was unexpected.

Anyway. We have had a pretty rough twenty-four hours. It started last night when we checked our e-mail--the e-mail that contained the results to the Kurodahan Press Translation Prize. Actually, not all the results, just ours. And they were terrible! Terrible! Thirty-two points out of sixty!? What!? We did worse than last time!? But we were so confident in this one! How did we get worse!? Are we really that stupid!? Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!

We're hoping it was just a difference in stylistic opinion.

To console ourselves and also make an attempt at improving our clearly very lacking Japanese skills, we went off to Kinokuniya('s website)! and made an order. We had been meaning to make an order for a while, but thought maybe we should, like, finish our Christmas shopping at the very least. And besides, we had a new Kingdom Hearts game, so what's the likelihood we're actually going to take time out to read manga?

But this was a major blow and we needed some help and cheering up. So we ordered a JLPT guidebook! Woohoo! This is actually pretty exciting, because we actually think tests can be kind of fun. Especially if they're not essay tests. And we don't really plan on taking it (we think we missed it this year...), but the books are sample questions and stuff, so it's like taking it.

Unfortunately, we only had the foresight to order one copy. Both of us realized afterward, "Hey, weren't we supposed to order two copies? ... Oh well." But! we did get both volumes of Kou Matsuzuki's new series, which is about a prince and a witch and a princess (or so the title would have us believe), and that has fairy tale written all over it! So we're excited. But we also forgot to order Soul Eater. Boo! Boo, I say!

(Athena says it's because we were like, "Ooohhh noooo! The money! Don't spend the money!" And she's exactly right, because that's also why we only ordered one volume of a few other things that had many more volumes out. And darn it, I just remembered that there's probably more Hoshi wa Utau out there. Ah well.)

Anyway, we were still pretty bummed about it, but then we kept failing at Kingdom Hearts, and then we finally succeeded! and we felt better.

Then this morning, we were totally agonizing over a decision, and we had no idea what to do, and we started to make one choice, then thought maybe we should make the other one, but we still weren't sure, and aaaahhhh!!! But Higurashi came to the rescue! And in the afterword, Ryukishi 07 told about how his parents found out about Higurashi right about when he was writing the Atoning Arc, so he was able to go to them for help, and maybe he should have gone to them for help more, so everyone, if you're agonizing over something, go to your parents first! So we called Mom, and she was a big help! Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for helpful advice from manga and mothers, getting to look forward to shiny new manga (which has already shipped! yay!), having an extra twenty minutes (especially since we're going to the ward Christmas dinner early to help set up), getting to go to the ward Christmas dinner tonight, and realizing that if we cleaned off our dresser we might have a place to put a cute little Christmas tree! (But then we might end up picking the needles out of our clothes... Hmm...)
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