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We finished a translation yesterday, and our original plan was to turn it in and take it easy for the rest of the day, but then we decided to work on the next volume of Higurashi anyway, and then something came up, and we have no time! No time! Aaaahhhhh!! All we want to do is play Kingdom Hearts Re:coded!

Anyway. It's kind of interesting, marathoning Higurashi with Christmas coming up. Because Higurashi takes place in June, which is like the opposite of December. Oh yeah, and all the murder. It was funny, because it's like, "Okay, what music should we listen to? Hey, there's a Christmas CD. Oh yeah, it is almost Christmas, huh? Okay, let's listen to that!" Back to the manga, blood splatters everywhere...

Anyway. We're following LDS Daily Thought on Twitter, which is very strange, because basically it just quotes scriptures occasionally... only in text speak. Seeing scriptures written with, like, B4 and UR is quite disconcerting.

Changing the subject again, we also went to the 99 Cents Only Store today, because it's the best place for us to get the kind of envelopes we need to send books back to publishers. While we were there, we noticed that they had a VHS copy of Jim Henson's... Storyteller? Watch me be too lazy to go check. Actually, don't watch that; it would probably be boring. Anyway. It's Jim Henson, and it's got two fairy tale adaptations! We are such suckers for fairy tales. We couldn't resist, especially since we still have a working VCR! And it was only ninety-nine cents! So even if we hate the stories, at least we won't have thrown away too much money. We've risked worse. We're just glad we ended up liking Gokudo.

Also, Oreo is adorable.

Today I'm thankful for Jim Henson fairy tale videos, finally finally finally getting all the cards in Re:Chain of Memories (we played that last night instead of Re:coded, because Michelangelo called again and it's easier to multitask with sidequests), cinnamon & sugar pita chips being on sale, the brilliance of mixing vegetable juice with fruit juice, and the adorable little Christmas trees they have on sale at Fresh & Easy for just $15. We keep thinking about getting one, but we have no idea where we'd put it, nor do we have any lights to decorate it with. A Christmas tree just isn't a Christmas tree without lights.
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