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Kaikin! Yar!

We had vague plans of writing something about Kodansha USA as soon as they announced something that we could write about. That happened on Sunday, but then we were too busy and distracted and stuff. Thinking about it, I don't know if we have a whole lot to say that we didn't already say in the column we wrote for this week. I don't think we said a whole lot there, either.

Let's see... We're still working on Negima!, which is very good, but we had to take a pay-cut on it, which is definitely not very good. What with the economy and everything, we don't blame the company, but we do blame the scanslation pirates! Down with pirates! Boo!

And now we can finally tell people that we're working on more Ace Attorney manga! Woohoo! Remember a loooooong time ago, when we were posting about a new title we were working on that involved a lot of spider stuff? And everyone was like, "Oooh, I wonder what it is!" and we were like, "We promise you won't care." That's what it was! Tadah! I think there are a few people who care, but they don't seem to pay attention unless they already care, and they wouldn't have already cared, because they didn't know what we were talking about. Except spiders.

Incidentally, we had a lot of fun... is what I started to say, but I don't know if it was really "fun" so much as challenging. We spent a good deal of time coming up with names for all the characters, and we're pretty pleased with the results. But we don't know if Del ReyKodansha will keep our choices or use our notes to come up with something better.

Incidentally (again), in our heads, Kodansha USA is Del Rey. See, everyone was all like, "Oooohhh noooo! Del Rey is folding! They're gone! And now we have Kodansha instead and they don't do anything! They're laaaame! Waaaaahh!" And we were like, "Hello, obviously they took all the people from Del Rey to work at Kodansha so that the people who were already doing everything that Kodansha wanted to do would be working at Kodansha. In other words, the reason Kodansha seemed lame was that they didn't have the manpower that Del Rey had, and now that they've basically absorbed and assimilated Del Rey Manga, they do have all that manpower, and can pretty much carry on business as normal, but under a different name. Savvy?" So even though they're Kodansha now, we're still interacting with the same people, using the same format, etc., so it's hard to make the mental name-switch from Del Rey.

(See how I used a term made famous by a pirate right after I said down with pirates? That's ironic! (I totally didn't even do it on purpose.) (Also, we had pirate treasure as a snack again today.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on more Ace Attorney manga, the miraculous power of zipper bags to keep the brownies we took home on Sunday from getting stale, having delicious non-stale brownies, being allowed to talk about Negima! and Ace Attorney again, and people who read their manga legally.
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