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Wow, I feel like we've been going nonstop since last night. We started out by watching some Little Mermaid extras and discovering that there are still a bunch we haven't seen, which is happy, because we have something to look forward to, but sad, because we don't have time to do it, until tomorrow at the soonest, unless we decide not to play Kingdom Hearts today, but who are we kidding?

The reason we didn't have time to watch that many extras last night is that we were invited to dinner at Mom's, where they were entertaining guests from Australia (and one guest from England?). There was a lot of fascinating conversation about their trip, their adventures in Yosemite (they went to hike a trail, but it found the wrong one and ended up hiking six miles through knee-deep snow), the super fancy remote control helicopter they bought, a little bit about dialects (we wished we had been taking notes...), the differences between the United States and Australia, and all kinds of neat stuff. It was pretty awesome, but we all got so carried away that by the time we got home it was bedtime.

So we checked e-mail and LJ and Twitter and everything, and we were just about to look up one little thing on Wikipedia when the phone rang. Michelangelo wanted to discuss a thesis he's considering that involves Disney, and nothing gets us more carried away than talk of Disney. Four and a half hours later, the conversation ended when the phone died, and we were finally able to go to bed. It was good conversation for the most part, but I'd rather not make a habit of it.

Despite getting to bed so late, we decided to wake up on time, so we basically had a three-hour nap before starting our day. And then it was work, work, work, and then we got carried away synthesizing stuff at Square-Enix Members, and now here we are, updating Live Journal before moving on to writing a column. After that there will be Family Home Evening and dinner (not necessarily in that order), and then, finally, we might get to play Kingdom Hearts. Whew.

Today I'm thankful for lots and lots of fascinating conversation yesterday, having neat Little Mermaid extras to look forward to watching, neat Christmas stuff at Square-Enix Members, getting lots and lots of work done on our Higurashi translation today, and the wonderfully delicious pirate treasure we had for a snack.
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