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An odd thing happened today in that our friend who drives us home from church almost every week left without us. It may have been our own fault for sitting by the bishop's office as if we were prepared to hang around for a while, which we kind of were, but it was a little odd that she didn't ask. Ah well. It worked out, because another girl in the ward who only lives a couple of block away spotted us and immediately asked if we needed a ride home. She seems to think it's crazy that anyone other than her should give us a ride home, because she lives so close. She's probably right, too, but our social anxiety knows no reason, and when we already have somebody driving us every week...

The reason we were hanging out by the bishop's office is that it's time for tithing settlement! But whenever it's time for tithing settlement, the spots for right after church fill up before we can get to the sign-up sheet, and since we don't drive, we can't very well leave and come back, and our regular ride doesn't like to stay for too long. So! like we do every year, we were hanging around to see if we could sneak in an appointment with the bishop. We probably would have succeeded sooner had we been a little bit more assertive, but we did get to see the bishop eventually, so it all worked out again. (It also worked out because we like to hang out by the bishop's office, because it's one of our best opportunities for socialization.)

That's where the bishop mentioned to each of us that we ought to start thinking about getting married, which was another odd thing, because for some reason we've managed to escape that lecture. He didn't lecture either of us, though. It was more like, "And as part of tithing settlement, I'm giving everyone this message, and in your case, it also means you might want to think about getting married at some point." But telling people to get married is part of his job as the bishop of a young single adult ward.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the bishop for tithing settlement, getting a ride home, getting to talk to Dad on the phone, having lots of chances to sing Christmas songs in church next week, and having an adorable Page looking at me from on top of the monitor.
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